About ArtfulBits Columns Suite

A complete collection of ArtfulBits columns.

ArtfulBits Columns Suite includes, Cascaded Lookup Column (enhanced Microsoft SharePoint lookup functionality), Category Column (tracking, organizing and grouping of SharePoint list items), Cross-Site Lookup Column (get data from any site within a site collection), Discussion Column (organize text conversations with-in list items), Follow-Up Column (enables due date flags similar to those seen in Microsoft Outlook), Image Upload Column (select an image or picture using a file browsing dialog), KPI Column (define and measure progress toward predefined goals), Link to Document Column (reference files and folders placed in a SharePoint Document Library), Parent Selector Column (display hierarchical data from SharePoint lists using lookups), Progress Column (display numerical data using a percentage-based progress bar) and Video Column & Web Part (upload, manage, link and play video files in SharePoint.

Video Column & Web Part Features

  • Supports large number of video file formats (AVI, WMV, SWF, FLV, MP4 and MPEG).
  • Link to external video sources.
  • Chose videos from a SharePoint Library.
  • Upload video files from your computer. 
  • Quick-play from list view.
  • Ability to set default video size.

Progress Column Features

  • Visualizes percentage data using a graphical progress bar.
  • Calculated value support (calculation based on other list columns).
  • Professional progress bar look and feel.
  • Advanced look and feel customization.  
  • Elegant way to show percentage values above 100%.
  • Supports Datasheet view, including edit mode.
  • Two-way conversion between ArtfulBits Progress Column and standard SharePoint percentage Numeric column.

Parent Selector Column Features

  • Exclude items from the lookup list.  
  • Supports lookup data from subfolders.
  • Includes functions for searching inside lookup lists by using a Picker Dialog.
  • Filter retrieved data using existing list views.
  • Single and multiple lookup for standard mode and using the Picker Dialog.
  • Validating Hierarchical Integrity (checking whether hierarchical data is non-cyclic).
  • Supports default values.
  • Supports Datasheet view.
  • Conversion between ArtfulBits Parent Selector column and standard SharePoint Lookup column.

Link to Document Column Features

  • Lookup documents and folders from any Document Library in all sites within site collection.
  • Allows single and multiple selection.
  • Provides ability to edit link display text.
  • Filters by folder.
  • Filters by object type (Files and Folders, Folder only, Files only).
  • Advanced tooltips.
  • Displays file type icon in front of reference.

KPI Column Features

  • Displays an indicator for each individual item in the list using standard Microsoft SharePoint calculated formulas.
  • Calculates values by using data from the associated SharePoint list (a count of items in the list; a computing of total, average, maximum, or minimum of a numerical column in the list).
  • Column customization (multiple icons set; text customization; different column display modes).
  • Predefined set of site columns (KPI Issue Status, KPI Priority, KPI Task Status, KPI % Complete).
  • AJAX support enabled.
  • Language pack support.

Image Upload Column Features

  • Direct image uploading.
  • Support for any type of Microsoft SharePoint list (not only Picture Library).
  • File extensions filtering (predefined and custom extensions supported).
  • Ability to upload files on any type (documents, archives and others).
  • Image thumbnails for list views.
  • Image description support (used as alternative text for the picture).
  • Customizing image appearance on list view and list item Edit/Display forms (specifying image size, limiting image size, displaying image as a link).
  • Resize large images after upload.
  • Images stored in separate internal list sub-folder (no conflict with attachments).

Follow-Up Column Features

  • Set the flag with a due date from predefined list: Today, Tomorrow, This Week, Next Week or Custom.
  • Different options of follow-up visualization using combinations of flag, text and date.
  • Support for sorting and filtering features.
  • Support for different calendars (Gregorian, Japanese Emperor Era, Korean Tangun Era, Hijri, etc.).
  • Supported Datasheet view.
  • Two-way conversion between ArtfulBits Follow-Up and standard Microsoft SharePoint Date and Time column.

Discussion Column Features

  • Organize discussions without enabling list versioning.
  • Comments editing.
  • Filtering of empty records.
  • Ability to show whole discussion history or only link to it in a list view.
  • Show user name as a link to user profile page.
  • Display posts in chronological or reverse chronological order.
  • Choose position of user signature.
  • Import data (text) from existing Microsoft SharePoint text columns.

Cross-Site Lookup Column Features

  • Supports lookup data from SharePoint lists in all sites within a site collection.
  • Powerful searching over lookup lists using a Picker Dialog.
  • Supports lookup data from subfolders.
  • Filter retrieved data using existing list views.
  • Single and multiple lookups.
  • Ability to add and edit lookup items on the fly.
  • Supports default values.
  • Supports Datasheet view, including edit mode.

Category Column Features

  • Track list and task items according to associated colors.
  • Professional indicator's look and feel.
  • Advanced customizable tooltips.
  • Ability to show another columns data in the tooltip.
  • Standard and custom indicator colors.
  • Customizable icon size.
  • Filter and sort items according to column headers.
  • Supports Datasheet view, including edit mode.
  • Two-way conversion among ArtfulBits Category Column and standard SharePoint "Choice" column.
  • Language pack support.

Cascaded Lookup Column Features

  • Build parent-child relationships.
  • Ajax support enabled.
  • Unlimited number of cascading levels.
  • Support single-single, single-multi, multi-single and multi-multi relations.
  • Support lookup data from SharePoint lists in all sites within site collection.
  • Support lookup data from subfolders.
  • Filtering retrieved data using existing list views.
  • Ability to add and edit lookup items on the fly.
  • Supported Datasheet view.
  • Conversion among "ArtfulBits Cascaded Lookup", "ArtfulBits Cross-Site Lookup", "ArtfulBits Parent Selector" columns and standard SharePoint "Lookup" column.
  • Language pack support.