Aspose.BarCode for JasperReports Releases

Released: Oct 13, 2021

Updates in V21.10


  • Added new FastScanOnly setting for 1D barcode recognition.
  • Optimized scanning precision of SVG numbers.


  • Fixed Swiss-QR-Code Encoding Problems.

Released: Sep 10, 2021

Updates in V21.9


  • Refactored BarcodeReader interface in the data unpacking area.

Released: Aug 5, 2021

Updates in V21.8


  • Added support for encoding and decoding Royal Mail Mailmark 2D.

Released: Jul 24, 2021

Updates in V21.7


  • Certain image cannot be recognized.
  • Barcodes from JPG files aren’t read in some cases.
  • Incorrect generation and recognition Aztec multiple zeros.
  • Incorrect data compactification with QR generation.
  • QR code is not recognized on full image.
  • QR code data is un-readable.

Released: Jun 16, 2021

Updates in V21.6


  • Removed Databar14 split pattern generation code.
  • Generated DataBar Expanded images are not recognized by other engines.
  • Cannot read QR code image in the PDF file.
  • The QR code recognition of certain image throws exception.
  • Certain image cannot be recognized.
  • Tests fail with AssertionError exception.

Released: May 25, 2021

Updates in V21.5


  • Exception “Impossible to encode current data to the QR 40” when creating QR barcode.
  • ComplexBarcodeGenerator generates wrong barcode image.

Released: Apr 23, 2021

Updates in V21.4


  • Added support for decoding Macro characters.

Released: Mar 25, 2021

Updates in V21.3


  • Added ECI modes to the Micro PDF417 encoder.
  • Added ECI modes to the Micro PDF417 data decoding algorithm.
  • Added input stream compaction mode to the Micro PDF417 encoder.
  • Added support for UCC/EAN-128 emulation encoding.
  • Added support for UCC/EAN-128 emulation decoding.
  • Added support for BarcodeControl using new API.
  • Removed overload operators from public API.

Released: Feb 20, 2021

Updates in V21.2


  • Extended the Macro PDF417 encoder with optional fields.


  • Barcode is not recognized.

Released: Feb 1, 2021

Updates in V21.1


  • Added Structured Append support to the QR encoder.
  • Added support for Kanji encoding to the QR encoder.


  • BarCodeResult.Region.Angle direction not returned properly.
  • Zero byte EMF file created in Linux.
  • MicroPDF417 hangs in Auto mode.