Aspose.BarCode for JasperReports Releases

Released: Jun 27, 2024

Updates in V24.6


  • Added the ability to read CODABAR barcode START and STOP symbols.
  • Improved HanXin recognition performance.
  • Added ability to rebuild the architecture of CodeText encoding in 2D barcodes.

Released: Jun 1, 2024

Updates in V24.5


  • Added the ability to detect Unicode charsets for QR barcodes.
  • Added support for new QualitySettings structure to DataMatrix barcode engine.
  • Removed Code128DataPortion constructor from public API.
  • Removed QualitySetting.applyAll method from public API.
  • Removed AustraliaPostSettings constructors from public API.
  • Removed BarcodeSettings constructors from public API.
  • Removed Code128DataPortion.setData method from public API.

Released: Apr 28, 2024

Updates in V24.4


  • Added support for new 'QualitySettings' structure to Aztec barcode engine.
  • Improved the performance of the product.


  • QR codes with rounded targets are not recognized.
  • QR Codes with darkened/lightened right or bottom side are not recognized.
  • Error with Pdf417 recognition.
  • Aspose.Barcode 24.2 for Java com.aspose.barcode.complexbarcode.MaxiCodeStructuredCodetext.setPostalCode() is not public.

Released: Mar 29, 2024

Updates in V24.3


  • Added improvements to barcode generation in SVG format.
  • Added support for new 'QualitySettings' structure to HanXin and Aztec barcode engines.

Released: Feb 29, 2024

Updates in V24.2


  • Updated 'QualitySettings' API structure.
  • Added support for rMQR barcodes.


  • BarCodeReader could not find DotCode barcode.
  • Unable to read DataMatrix barcode from a TIFF image.
  • Recognition of Micro QR code gives incorrect result.
  • Issue with DataMatrix detection/recognition.
  • Barcode label not shown for PDF147 and QR barcodes.

Released: Feb 1, 2024

Updates in V24.1


  • Added support for multi-threading to postal processors.

Released: Dec 23, 2023

Updates in V23.12


  • Improved Han Xin Code support.
  • Improved speed of basic recognition.
  • Improved QR recognition quality.

Released: Nov 30, 2023

Updates in V23.11


  • Added support for encoding and decoding MicroPdf417 barcodes with special GS1 modes.

Released: Oct 26, 2023

Updates in V23.10


  • Improved Aztec barcode recognition quality.
  • Optimized searching for zebra segments in Han Xin Code.


  • MicroPdf417 test containing the macro parameters related to LocalDate failed.
  • Swiss QR barcode: wrong placement of cross.
  • Unable to read DataMatrix code.

Released: Sep 30, 2023

Updates in V23.9


  • Improved Aztec barcode decoder.
  • Added recognition support for GS1 Composite barcodes.


  • Loading BMP image fails.
  • Can't read data matrix from the JPG image.
  • Aspose.BarCode for Java takes time to detect barcode on the image.