Aspose.Cells for Reporting Services (SSRS) Releases

Released: Mar 11, 2020

Updates in V20.3


  • Added support for Microsoft Reporting Services 2019.
  • Added the ability to integrate Aspose.Cells for Reporting Services into Microsoft Visual Studio 2017/2019.

Released: Jan 24, 2020

Updates in V20.1


  • Issue with Hebrew language.
  • Report publishing failed.

Released: Sep 26, 2019

Updates in V19.9


  • Added the ability to define different passwords for different reports and for different export formats.


  • Border style is set from a formula in exported reports.
  • Report created with earlier version will not open.
  • Runtime error 429 when opening report from Aspose.Cells RS client tool.
  • No rendering options after installing Aspose.Cells for Reporting Services.

Released: May 23, 2019

Updates in V19.5


  • Added support for exporting MarkDown format files.


  • Macros are lost when publishing the report.
  • Fields cannot be added to a matrix report.
  • Report server URL is not saved in the client.
  • Publishing report fails for a shared data source.
  • Unable to open any exported files after update to version 19.3.
  • Exception caught instantiating ACXLSX report server extension: "System.IO.FileLoadException: Could not load file or assembly".

Released: Mar 27, 2019

Updates in V19.3


  • Added supports for exporting to XPS format.

Released: Jan 25, 2019

Updates in V19.1


  • Added support for Tablix Group page breaks.
  • Added the ability to create multiple tabs.

Released: Nov 16, 2018

Updates in V18.11


  • Use the SSRS LookUp function with Aspose.Cells for Reporting Services.
  • Added the ability to collapse or expand Pivot Table fields.
  • Added support for performing Minus calculations  
  • Added support for SSRS 2017.

Released: Feb 27, 2018

Updates in V18.2


  • Added support for Microsoft Excel printing format.


  • When exported to CSV or TXT - Includes an additional space between the value and the percentage sign
  • Badly formatted report rendered.

Released: Aug 28, 2017

Updates in V17.8


  • Lost RowNumber when saving report definition file with Aspose.Cells for Reporting Services Client.
  • Export Format options missing.
  • SQL ParserForm does not parse SQL Query.
  • CSVRenderer - Date style is not enforced on rendering or export.

Released: Apr 19, 2016

Updates in this release

Updates in 2.4.0

  • Make changes to a data set without re-building the entire set.