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Aspose.Cells ali_webster [United Kingdom] 07-Mar-2008 16:32:22

I'm just trying out the free version of aspose.cells software to see if it does what I want before purchasing. I tried a simple test to have a prebuilt excel doc containing formulas that depend on input values. I wanted to be able to programmatically write the input values into the excel doc then read off the calculated values: -


In the document Test.xls in cell A2 is a formula: =A1*2. I want to be able to set the value into A1 and then read the calculated value from cell A2 which should equal twice the value I entered, however it returns 0 as if no value in A1 has been set. Perhaps I am missing something - is this possible using Aspose.Cells ?

Heres my simple code

ltlOutput.Text = "";
int inputValue = System.Convert.ToInt32(txtInputValue.Text);
Workbook wb = new Workbook();
Worksheet ws = wb.Worksheets["Sheet1"];
ltlOutput.Text = ws.Cells["A2"].Value.ToString();

Thanks for your help.


Aspose.Cells keith [United Kingdom] 15-Nov-2007 11:08:36

Using Aspose Cells and MS VS2005 C#, having problems with long partnumbers displaying as exponent numbers in Excel instead of strings though I am setting the style number to 49 which the documentation says is text. I can bodge it by shoving a ' in front of the string but doesnt look very elegant. Excel version is 2003.

Best regards


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