Aspose.Cells for .NET Releases

Released: Jul 12, 2024

Updates in V24.7


  • Added support for the DROP function.
  • Added support for outlining the star characters in the chart.
  • Implemented JSON generation using stream writer way.
  • Added support for DateOnly when calling ImportCustomObjects method.
  • Added support for making an object as decorative in XLSX.
  • Improved the performance of calculating LET function with complex parameters.
  • Improved the performance of calculating MAKEARRAY function.
  • Added support for swapping series.
  • Changed ArgumentException to...

Released: Jun 14, 2024

Updates in V24.6


  • Added color saturation and color temperature adjustment functions for images.
  • Image Recoloring: Added the ability to render duotones.
  • Added support for outlining the star characters in chart.
  • Added support for Range.ToHtml() method.
  • Added support for aligning axis x values to the right when converting chart to image.
  • Added support for converting workbooks containing Webp images to PDF and image for .NET 6.0, 7.0 and 8.0 on Linux.
  • Added support for Range.ToImage() method.
  • Enhanced...

Released: May 9, 2024

Updates in V24.5


  • Added support for new XMATCH and XOR functions.
  • Added the ability to transpose data of the range.
  • Added support for obtaining properties of advanced filtering settings.
  • Added the ability to copy styles to autofill.
  • Added support for setting chart color.
  • Added support for determining whether the ReferredArea is a entire row or a entire column.
  • Added the ability to export metadata of a cell into PDF, image and HTML.
  • You can now process font RGBA color with style background color.


Released: Apr 9, 2024

Updates in V24.4


  • Added support for converting ChartX to image.
  • Provided simple implementation of 'interrupt monitor'.
  • Added support for showing red color for cell text with custom number settings in GridDesktop.
  • Added time interruption support for Python GridJs.
  • Added the ability to embed attachments when converting OLE Object to PDF file.
  • Added support for embedding images into cells for XLSB files.
  • Added support for showing 'conditionformat' icons in 'freezepane'.
  • Added support for hiding rows and...

Released: Mar 8, 2024

Updates in V24.3


  • Added support for EVALUATE function.
  • Improved filtering in GridDesktop.
  • Support for rich text when using formula editor box.
  • Convert Microsoft Excel spreadsheets to ODS using ODF 1.3 standard.
  • Support for processing navigation links when converting AZW3 to XLSX.


  • The ratios of width and height do not change simultaneously when Picture.IsLockAspectRatio is set to true.
  • Data shift failed after calling InsertRange method.
  • ISERROR function returns false for NPER #NUM! error.
  • Calling...

Released: Feb 6, 2024

Updates in V24.2


  • Added support for the TOROW/TOCOL functions.
  • Show "convert to number" menu for cells which have a number stored as text.
  • Added support for copying/pasting image and HTML content to GridDesktop.
  • Added key word search support for filter list to GridDesktop.
  • Added support for clear filter operation to GridDesktop.
  • Added support for number filter for GridDesktop.
  • Added support for detecting OXPS format.
  • Added support for parsing color attribute containing "var" or "rgba" fields.
  • Improved...

Released: Jan 10, 2024

Updates in V24.1


  • Added the ability to keep the header row in each worksheet when converting a CSV to Microsoft Excel.
  • Added support for Microsoft .NET 8.
  • Added a new GridDesktop auto-fill feature.
  • Added support for adding custom styles when exporting files to HTML.
  • Added auto-fill support for the merge area.
  • Added support for setting wrap using the UI.
  • Added support for setting text rotation using the UI.
  • Auto-fill data from right to left and bottom to up.
  • Show the active sheet background in the bottom...

Released: Dec 12, 2023

Updates in V23.12


  • Added the option to show or hide formula warning messages in GridDesktop.
  • Added support for rendering a rotated picture in GridDesktop.
  • Added support for adjusting worksheet order in GridDesktop.
  • Added support for rendering rotated cell text.
  • Added support for PDF/A-2b (ISO 19005-2), PDF/A-2u (ISO 19005-2), PDF/A-2a (ISO 19005-2), PDF/A-3b (ISO 19005-3), PDF/A-3u (ISO 19005-3) and PDF/A-3a (ISO 19005-3) compliance while converting workbooks to PDF.
  • You can now keep missing data when...

Released: Nov 9, 2023

Updates in V23.11


  • Added support for copy/delete/insert/rename worksheet operations to GridDesktop.
  • Auto extend max rows/columns when performing paste operations in GridDesktop.
  • Added support for 'SheetPrintingPreview' and 'PdfSaveOptions' in GridDesktop.
  • You can now insert text boxes, form control for radio buttons, check boxes and combo boxes.
  • Generate ISO32000-1:2008 PDFs.
  • Localize dates on grouping fields.
  • Added support for inserting common shapes.
  • Show gradient fill for cell backgrounds.
  • Added...

Released: Oct 12, 2023

Updates in V23.10


  • Added support for adaptive paste operation when size of target range is different from source range.
  • Added new API for setting range hyperlinks directly on Range.
  • Added support for copying multiple worksheets simultaneously and preserving dependencies.
  • Improved performance for setting formulas with sheet references for large amount of cells.
  • Updated to SkiaSharp 2.88.6.
  • You can now ignore the threaded comments when printing comments in place.
  • Added support for checking whether one cell...