Aspose.Email for .NET Releases

Released: Apr 30, 2020

Updates in V20.4


  • Mail client activity can now be logged in .NET Core projects - SmtpClient, Pop3Client, ImapClient and EWSClient activity can now be logged by modifying (or adding) a appsettings.json file in .NET Core projects.
  • Added the ability to ignore exceptions.

Released: Mar 31, 2020

Updates in V20.3


  • Adds new API for working with OLM storage files.
  • Message extraction from OLM storage files is now faster and more flexible.

Released: Feb 27, 2020

Updates in V20.2


  • Added support for OAuth 2.0 when using POP3 Client.

Released: Jan 30, 2020

Updates in V20.1


  • Improved performance when reading MAPI properties.


  • From field is improperly rendered in saved MSG.
  • Messages extracted from PST corrupted.
  • IMAP Client: Version 19.12 does not parse email recipient list correctly if a comma is included in the DisplayName.
  • No attendees found in .ics.
  • EML to MSG results in 0KB file.
  • ArgumentException while parsing the body.
  • NotSupportedException while parsing the Body.

Released: Dec 27, 2019

Updates in V19.12


  • Added support for shared mailboxes.
  • Added support for Microsoft Graph REST API v1.0.

Released: Nov 29, 2019

Updates in V19.11


  • Added the ability to order information in MHTML files.
  • Improved PST password validation functionality.
  • Improved TLS connection over IMAP connections.

Released: Oct 30, 2019

Updates in V19.10


  • Added support for AMP HTML emails.
  • Improved HTML to Text conversion.

Released: Sep 28, 2019

Updates in V19.9


  • Wrongly displayed HtmlBodyText URL.
  • Exception while converting from MapiMessage to MailMessage.
  • Images lost when converting message to MIME, when converting an RTF that contains inline images from a PST file.
  • Wrong attachment count when fetching email.
  • Wrong attachment count when unpacking EML file.
  • EML with embedded calendar event throws an exception.
  • MergeWith method works incorrectly.
  • Spaces and NewLines regression.
  • HtmlBodyText does not represents as BodyText.
  • Unpaired character in "To...

Released: Aug 28, 2019

Updates in V19.8


  • Added support for Notes Storage Facility (NSF) database files.
  • Migrate appointments to Office 365.
  • Added support for Skype Appointment/Calls.

Released: Jul 30, 2019

Updates in V19.7


  • Added the ability to count the number of items in an OLM folder.
  • Added support for document conversion progress.
  • Added the ability to get emails from Zimbra.


  • API hangs on converting MSG to MHTML.
  • Formatting issue in MSG to MHT conversion.
  • Message item with ICS file as attachment incorrectly recognized as appointment.
  • HtmlBodyText returns tag values that are not displayed in the email.
  • Attachment ‘unavailable’ on iPhone 6, iPhone XR, and others (Mail 19.6).
  • Argument Exception while...