About Aspose.Font for .NET

Draw, load and save fonts from .NET applications.

Aspose.Font for .NET is a flexible and easy to use library for working with different font files. The API supports multiple font formats including TrueType CFF, OpenType, and Type1. It can load fonts, provide data structure information along with any glyphs, encode information and save fonts. End-users can render any desired glyph or text.

Supported File Formats


  • True Type Font : TTF
  • Web Open Font Format : WOFF
  • Web Open Font Format version 2.0 : WOFF2

Input Only

  • Embedded OpenType : EOT
  • Compact Font Format : CFF
  • Adobe Type 1 font: PFA, PFB, AFM, PFM
  • True Type Collections : TTC

Aspose.Font for .NET Features

  • Load font documents from disc.
  • Load font files from stream.
  • Read font information.
  • Save updated font files to disc.
  • Read Glyphs and Metrics information.
  • Detect Latin symbols in Fonts.
  • Extract embedded licensing information.
  • Render text using font glyphs.
  • Convert various font formats.
  • Generate font subsets.
  • Merge TTF and other fonts.