Aspose.Imaging for .NET

Aspose.Imaging for .NET is class library that helps developers create, edit, draw or convert images in their own application. It includes the ability to save in Adobe Photoshop native formats without having Photoshop or any other image editor installed. Aspose.Imaging for .NET is a flexible and stable API, capable of processing most commonly used image formats along with some special formats such as DjVu, DICOM, WebP and DNG. Moreover, it extends the native support for image formats and image processing functions for .NET and .NET Core.

Supported File Formats


  • Raster Formats: JPEG2000, JPEG, BMP, TIFF, GIF, PNG, DICOM
  • Metafiles: EMF, WMF
  • Compressed metafiles : EMZ, WMZ
  • Other: WebP, Svg, Svgz (compressed Svg)
  • Animation: Apng

Input Only

  • DjVu
  • DNG
  • ODG
  • EPS (raster preview only)
  • CMX
  • CDR
  • DIB
  • OTG
  • FODG

Output Only

  • PDF
  • Photoshop: PSD
  • Html5 Canvas

Aspose.Imaging for .NET Features

  • Create images from scratch.
  • Load and edit existing images.
  • Export images to a variety of formats.
  • Crop, resize and rotate-flip images.
  • Add watermarks...

Latest News

Aspose.Imaging for .NET V20.8
Aspose.Imaging for .NET V20.8
Adds support for loading and converting EPS files to PDF/A format.
Aspose.Imaging for .NET V20.7
Aspose.Imaging for .NET V20.7
Adds support for path extraction when converting from TIFF to PSD.
Aspose.Imaging for .NET V20.6
Aspose.Imaging for .NET V20.6
Adds support for APNG (animated PNG) files.
Aspose.Imaging for .NET V20.5
Aspose.Imaging for .NET V20.5
Adds support for extracting paths from TIFF files.
Aspose.Imaging for .NET V20.4
Aspose.Imaging for .NET V20.4
Adds support for compressed vector formats.
Aspose.Imaging for .NET V20.3
Aspose.Imaging for .NET V20.3
Adds support for exporting to DICOM files.

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