About Aspose.Note for .NET

Read, modify and write Microsoft OneNote documents.

Aspose.Note for .NET is a standalone Microsoft OneNote document manipulation API. Applications can easily read, convert, create, edit and manipulate OneNote files as well as manipulate the elements of OneNote books and then export to different formats. Developers can load OneNote documents, render text and images from OneNote file to multiple formats, navigate through the OneNote document object model, extract text from any part of a OneNote file and a lot more.

Supported File Formats


  • Microsoft OneNote: ONE

Input Only


Output Only

  • Fixed Layout: PDF
  • Web: HTML
  • Images: GIF, JPEG, PNG, BMP, TIFF

Advanced .NET OneNote API Features

  • Read OneNote documents.
  • Read properties of different objects.
  • Save OneNote document as image.
  • Extract images from a OneNote document.
  • Export OneNote documents to PDF.
  • Extract text from OneNote document.
  • Get information of each page.
  • Insert image on OneNote page.
  • Insert table, extract text from table and lock table columns.
  • Tag important notes in the OneNote document.
  • Attach a file to the OneNote document.
  • Manipulate documents with hyperlinks in text and image elements.