Aspose.Slides for .NET Releases

Released: Mar 23, 2020

Updates in V20.3


  • Added the ability to keep the sequence of a numbered list that has NumberedBulletStartWith.


  • PPT to PDF key already present in dictionary.
  • "Font is already substituted" exception on exporting to PDF in multi-threaded environment.
  • KeyNotFoundException when converting a PPTX presentation to PDF.
  • Thumbnails not properly generated.
  • SmartArt animation group is missing after saving.
  • The shape thumbnail is cropped when ShapeThumbnailBounds.Slide is used.
  • PPT to PDF Referenced character...

Released: Feb 17, 2020

Updates in V20.2


  • Improved PPT to PDF conversion.
  • Get text location in table cells.
  • Directly update custom properties in the source document.

Released: Jan 16, 2020

Updates in V20.1


  • Added the ability to change the default font when saving presentations.
  • Added descriptive exception message when opening password-protected ODP/OTP presentations.
  • Added support for SHA1/1K checksum types in ODP/OTP presentations.
  • Added support for the SHA1 key generation algorithm in ODP/OTP presentations.

Released: Dec 31, 2019

Updates in V19.12


  • Added the ability to digitally sign documents.
  • Added the ability to add color to Data Points.
  • Added support for restricting the printing of generated PDFs.

Released: Nov 27, 2019

Updates in V19.11


  • Improved handling of embedded OLE objects in presentations.

Released: Nov 7, 2019

Updates in V19.10


  • Added font fallback support. Used when a specified font is present but does not contain a necessary glyph.
  • Added support for accessing prompt text from shape placeholders.
  • Improves memory consumption during document saving.
  • Added the ability to read animations.

Released: Sep 12, 2019

Updates in V19.9


  • Number List issue when setting depth.
  • The embedded EMF image is distorted in PDF output.
  • Wrong axis labels rotation in PDF output.
  • The chart legend looks different in the output PDF.
  • Content lost on saving PPT.
  • An issue with PDF notes generation while Aspose is licensed.
  • FormatException on loading presentation file.
  • Not Open Office presentation exception on accessing ODP Presentation.
  • Hyperlink changed on exporting to PDF.
  • PptxReadException on loading PPTX.
  • Error - Index and count must...

Released: Aug 30, 2019

Updates in V19.8


  • Embed HTML and ZIP files.
  • Decrypt encrypted ODP and OTP presentation formats.
  • Added support for widescreen predefined types.
  • Hide master shapes from slides.
  • Added property for setting the layout mode of chart plot areas.
  • Obtain border styles for tables.
  • Obtain layout styles for table rows and cells.

Released: Jul 26, 2019

Updates in V19.7


  • Obtain layout styles for shapes.
  • Set font related properties for all chart entities in one place.
  • Support for clearing a particular chart series datapoint only in chart data worksheet.
  • Set font related properties for all chart entities in one place.
  • Default automatic marker symbols in LineWithMarkers charts.
  • Enable and disable chart series values.
  • OLE embedded object support for OpenDocuments.
  • Improved quality when converting PPTX to PDF Notes.
  • Added support for animation effects in...

Released: Jun 25, 2019

Updates in V19.6


  • Added support for setting the Aspect Ratio for text boxes.
  • Added support for showing progress during PDF conversion.
  • Added option to make every page self-sufficient when saving a presentation as HTML.
  • Added support for Fusion Charts.
  • Added support for custom lines in PowerPoint charts.
  • Added support for extracting Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) macros from presentations.
  • Auto-refresh charts.
  • Added support for ComponentArt chart objects.
  • Added SmartArt and Chart Object...