About Aspose.Tasks for .NET

Read and write Microsoft Project documents without utilizing Microsoft Project.

Aspose.Tasks for .NET is a reliable project management API to process Microsoft Project files. The API supports reading, writing and manipulating Microsoft Project documents without Microsoft Project dependencies. Moreover, the API exposes project data to offer complete project planning, definition and tracking capabilities. It allows the users to define a projects' main as well as default properties and calendar information. It can also specify weekdays and exceptions for a project's calendar.

Supported File Formats


  • Microsoft Project: MPP, MPT, MPX, XML
  • Oracle Primavera: XER, P6 XML, P6 database

Output Only

  • Microsoft Excel: XLSX, XML
  • Fixed Layout: PDF
  • Images: JPEG, PNG, BMP, TIFF, SVG
  • Text: TXT
  • Others: HTML

Advanced .NET Microsoft Project API Features

  • Create Microsoft Project and Oracle Primavera files from scratch.
  • Define weekdays and exceptions for a calendar.
  • Read and write password protected Project files.
  • Export project to graphic formats (PDF, HTML or Image) with highly customizable Gantt Chart.
  • Manage baselines, costs & milestones.
  • Handle Microsoft Project files, resources and assignments extended attributes and their definitions.
  • Define resource assignment & allocation.
  • Render work breakdown structures (WBS) to images.
  • Render Project and Oracle Primavera files to HTML.
  • Sort projects by names, dates, durations and by many other fields.
  • Update custom properties of MPP Project files.
  • Open and Save project files with Project Online and Project Server via PWA.
  • Wide range of conversions between Microsoft Project formats to images and other data formats including PDF, Excel, HTML.
  • Download MS Project Tasks Files from the Web.
  • Unlock MS Project files.
  • Merge JIRA to MPP, XML to MPP, MPX to PDF and other.
  • MPP, MPT, MPX and XML Files Viewer for .NET.