Aspose.Words for Reporting Services (SSRS) Releases

Released: Aug 4, 2022

Updates in V22.8


  • Added support for exporting to/importing from Amazon Kindle AZW3 and Mobipocket formats.
  • Added support for cell spacing in tables when rendering.
  • Improved font substitution for symbols.
  • Improved the rotation algorithm of axis labels of the charts.
  • Added support for the “Use Word 2003 indent rules for text next to wrapped objects” compatibility option.
  • Added an option to specify path where Aspose.Words should look for harfbuzz.dll.
  • Added the ability to export Phonetic Guide content to...

Released: May 6, 2022

Updates in V22.5


  • Added support for loading EPUB documents.
  • Added support for loading XML documents.
  • Added support for “Envelope No. 10” page size when printing.
  • Added support for rendering a border box around MathML formulas and strike lines.
  • Added loading progress notification.
  • Added the ability to format page numbers.
  • Improved font detection when rendering characters in MathML formulas.
  • Improved text wrapping for RTL paragraphs with custom left indent.


  • RV2010 does not work in the local mode.

Released: Feb 6, 2022

Updates in V22.2


  • Added support for loading AZW3 (Kindle KF8) format documents.
  • Added the ability to convert shapes to SVG images when exporting to HTML, MHTML or EPUB.
  • Added a performance logger.
  • Added a saving progress notification for HTML-based and XAML-based flow formats.
  • Added the ability to get custom field data associated with a field.
  • Added the ability to export list numbering to PDF logical structure.


  • Tablix issue with adjacent object’s position.
  • NullReferenceException is thrown upon...

Released: Dec 8, 2021

Updates in V21.12


  • Added the ability to get OOXML content control.
  • Added the ability to cache FontSearchInfos in a file and then load it.
  • Added a loading progress notification when loading Markdown.
  • Added Fill.SetImage() method.
  • Added recognition of non-standard footnotes in PDF documents during the import workflow.
  • Added support for ‘Allow Latin text to wrap in the middle of a word’ feature.


  • Row height of table is incorrect when exported to Word.
  • ResetPageNumber property of SSRS report is not...

Released: Aug 10, 2021

Updates in V21.8


  • Added API to move the cursor to any position inside a paragraph.
  • Added support for HSL colors in HTML documents.
  • Added context to exceptions thrown while evaluating expressions for LINQ Reporting Engine.
  • You can now remove Generator or Producer Name.
  • Added the ability to calculate storeItemChecksum attribute when saving.
  • Added the ability to export language in object property tag tab.
  • Added the ability to insert GIF images into a document.
  • Added support for updating public callbacks...

Released: May 5, 2021

Updates in V21.5


  • Added support for exporting EQ (equation) field to all HTML based formats.
  • Added the ability to export vector images to SVG when saving a document to HTML.
  • LINQ Reporting Engine - Added the ability to customize restrictions on dynamic cell merging.
  • Added the ability to use PDF annotations to display user comments.
  • Added support for StylisticSet attribute in the document model.
  • Added new methods to set checked and unchecked symbol for StructuredDocumentTag.
  • Added the ability to write...

Released: Feb 25, 2021

Updates in V21.2


  • You can now dynamically add combobox and dropdown list items in LINQ Reporting Engine.
  • You can now extract visible plain text from OLE objects.
  • Added the option to export images to HTML as SVG format.
  • Added the ability to move to a particular character inside a paragraph.
  • PdfDocumentReaderPlugin now mirrors Hebrew text.
  • Added support for rendering DrawingML 3D effects.
  • Improved compatibility when rendering shape-lines created in Microsoft Word 97.
  • Added support for drawing objects in...

Released: Nov 11, 2020

Updates in V20.11


  • Document.SpellingChecked and Document.GrammarChecked properties have been exposed publicly.
  • Charts data points API has been extended.
  • Added basic support for rendering fonts with legacy Arabic encodings.
  • Added table row wrapping around floaters.


  • Word for SSRS - Rectangle with Image not exporting correctly.
  • Word for SSRS - Header/Footer not working correctly.
  • Export using RV assembly produces blacked output.
  • SSRS Word export missing table row.
  • RDL throws duplicate exception while...

Released: Aug 15, 2020

Updates in V20.8


  • Added support for the latest version of Microsoft SQL Server 2019 Reporting Services
  • Added support for Markdown inline images.
  • Added new font substitution rule for font name processing.
  • Added flag indicating whether images must be skipped while loading PDF documents.
  • Added support for SVG images embedded using data URLs during HTML import.

Released: Sep 4, 2019

Updates in V19.8


  • New option allows you to specify whether to work with the original document or a revised version.
  • New API lets you define the default options for chart series data labels.
  • Improved computation of paragraph metrics for Asian text in a table.
  • Improved surrogate pair handling.


  • Rendering of diagonal borders in vertically merged cells.
  • Fixed issue when "keep with next" is applied to the last paragraph in a table cell.
  • Fixed problem with negative contrast images rendering. Now, if the...