B4i (iOS) v6.80

Released: Jul 13, 2020

Updates in v6.80


  • Adds new Project templates for B4x - The new templates feature will make it simpler for developers to get started with B4X, and will also make it simpler to use B4XPages and other frameworks.
  • Comment links - Code comments can include clickable links.
  • Add New Module - Option to add the module in the parent folder. Useful for cross platform projects.
  • New project dialog -Note that when the IDE is opened it starts with no editor, until you load or create a new project.
  • Updated / new internal libraries: B4XTurtle, B4XPages, XUI Views, BCTextEngine, B4XCollections, B4XDrawer, iEventKit, iXUI, iXUI2D, iAdMob, Firebase, PreoptimizedCLV, B4XTable, iGoogleMaps and iPhone.
  • Selected line is visible in the various syntax colored lists.
  • Fix for a bug related to multiple instances of the same class and resumable subs.
  • Fix for an issue related to wrappers (same fix as in B4J and B4A).
  • Other minor improvements and bug fixes.