Beyond Compare 4.3.x

Released: Oct 9, 2019

Updates in 4.3.x

4.3.7 (build 25118)

Updated Oct 2, 2020


  • macOS: Fixed slow scrolling on macOS 11 Big Sur.
  • macOS: Fixed regressions in 4.3.6 that caused blurry text on retina displays and slow scrolling performance in macOS 10.15 and earlier.
  • macOS: Fixed SVN profile support on macOS 11 Big Sur.

4.3.6 (build 25063)

Updated Sep 10, 2020


  • MacOS: Fixed graphical issues when running on MacOS 11 Big Sur.
  • MacOS: Fixed buttons & checkboxes incorrectly using small control sizes/fonts.
  • Changed "OS X" to "MacOS" in the About dialog.

4.3.5 (build 24893)

Updated Jul 13, 2020


  • Notable Changes
    • Linux: Fixed file manager integration with various desktop environments.
    • Apple macOS: Improved stability.
    • Microsoft Windows: Disabled "Check for Updates" functionality on Microsoft Windows XP, 2003, and Vista because they don't support HTTPS over TLS 1.2.
  • Cloud Services
    • Fixed Microsoft OneDrive authentication to allow using accounts other than the one tied to the local Windows user account or system web browser's currently logged in Microsoft/ account.
  • Command Line
    • Linux: Fixed file manager integration with various desktop environments:
      • Thunar 1.8 (GTK3).
      • XUbuntu (XFCE) thunarx-2 and thunarx-3.
      • Nautilus on Wayland.
      • Mint and Ubuntu using MATE desktop (Caja).
      • Debian 10 Gnome.
  • Folder Compare
    • Windows: Fixed reparse points being incorrectly treated as symlinks after file operations or refreshes.
    • Windows: Fixed resource leak when refreshing encounters an exclusively locked file.
    • macOS: Fixed "Folder Not Found" dialog not clicking "Reload" button when pressing [Enter].
    • Fixed "Ignored" showing as checked when nothing is selected.
  • FTP
    • Fixed parsing Comau C5G FTP listings.
  • Installer
    • Linux: Fixed apt-key warning when installing/upgrading .deb package.
  • Misc
    • Windows: Disabled "Check for Updates" functionality on Windows XP, 2003, and Vista because they don't support HTTPS over TLS 1.2.
    • Windows: Fixed digital signatures on pdftotext(64).exe.
    • macOS: Fixed some toolbars/menu items incorrectly disabling when clicking on a toolbar button.
    • macOS: Fixed Export Settings "Save As" dialog not including a .bcpkg extension.
    • Fixed enabling "Factory Defaults" button in File Formats dialog and Home view.
  • Options
    • Windows: Fixed 64-bit shell extension not updating the registry correctly when toggled in the Options dialog.
  • Text Compare
    • Fixed alignment weights for orphan lines.
    • macOS: Fixed thumbnail not redrawing correctly when reloading a comparison.
  • Crashes
    • Fixed crash when saving after editing session defaults on Home view.
    • Linux: Fixed intermittent crash in Folder Compare > Actions > Synchronize.
    • macOS: Fixed Home view crash after deleting a session.
    • macOS: Fixed Picture Compare crash when comparing JPEG files.
    • macOS: Fixed instability when launching a comparison from the command line.
    • macOS: General stability fixes.

4.3.4 (build 24657)

Updated Feb 28, 2020


  • Command Line
    • Linux: Fixed support for command line arguments and file names containing special characters.
    • macOS: Fixed bcomp never exiting if Beyond Compare is closed due to a crash or "Force Quit" command.
    • macOS: Fixed bcomp incorrectly returning 0 after canceling a merge.
  • File Formats
    • Windows: Updated pdftotext to v4.02.
  • Folder Compare
    • Fixed Touch dialog incorrectly resetting selection side when toggling "Including folder contents" checkbox.
    • Windows: Fixed using "Browse Using Profile" to select a folder inside a zip.
    • macOS: Fixed poor date/time editor behavior when modifying newer/older filters.
  • FTP
    • Fixed SFTP uploads to OpenSSH for Windows failing after 100KB.
  • Misc
    • Windows: "Check for Updates" now uses HTTPS connections.
    • Windows: Fixed using middle mouse click to scroll in views.
    • Windows: Fixed support for paths that explicitly include the Windows \?\ long filename prefix.
    • macOS: Fixed clicking on a window incorrectly bringing all application windows to the front.
    • macOS: Fixed various issues with path edit autocompletion.
    • macOS: Fixed closing maximized window on secondary monitor reopening on primary monitor.
    • macOS: Fixed default keyboard focus when dialogs are first shown.
    • macOS: Fixed poor behavior when dragging to rearrange view tabs or moving buttons on Home view.
    • macOS: Fixed dragging to rearrange items in list views.
    • macOS: Fixed File Formats dialog drawing checkboxes incorrectly after moving file format in list.
  • Picture Compare
    • macoS: Fixed details crosshatching for partially transparent pixels.
  • Reports
    • Updated <DOCTYPE>and <BR> tags in HTML reports.
  • Text Compare
    • macOS: Fixed loading http:// URLs in Text Compare.
    • macOS: Fixed text drawing over gutter when "Right side gutter for left editor" is enabled.
    • macOS: Fixed hex details not allowing scrolling to end of long lines.
  • Crashes
    • macOS: Fixed crash when modifying sessions on Home view.
    • macOS: Fixed crash when using error logging with multiple processes.

4.3.3 (build 24545)

Updated Dec 2, 2019


  • Folder Compare
    • macOS: Fixed Edit menu not showing Undo/Redo/Cut/Copy/Paste when in a modal dialog launched while the comparison treeview has focus.
  • Misc
    • Linux: Fixed using system-provided Qt4 library.
  • Options
    • macOS: Fixed labels getting progressively darker when opening/closing a combobox popup.
    • macOS: Fixed font size and weight for view tabs, toolbar buttons, and various other controls.
  • Settings
    • macOS/Linux: Fixed corruption warning when updating to Beyond Compare 4.3.
  • Table Compare
    • macOS: Fixed clicking "Mark" buttons in "Visible Columns" dialog.
  • Crashes
    • macOS: Fixed crash when moving a window between screens with different bit depths.

4.3.2 (build 24472)

Updated Nov 1, 2019


  • Folder Compare
    • Windows: Fixed loading comparisons of various types of NTFS reparse points, including local OneDrive folders.
    • Linux: Fixed hang when starting a file copy with "Confirm file copy" disabled.
    • macOS: Fixed "Comparison Results" dialog double clicking to launch a file compare on macOS 10.15 Catalina.
  • Misc
    • Linux: Fixed included Qt4 library not following system font and color settings.
    • Linux: System-provided Qt4 library will now be used instead of the included one if it's installed.
  • Crashes
    • macOS: Fixed crash when a shared sessions file is configured but doesn't exist.
    • macOS: Fixed crash in Folder Compare "Sync Preview" and various other dialogs on macOS 10.11-10.13.
    • macOS: Fixed crash when dragging windows between monitors or onto an iPad being used through Sidecar.

4.3.1 (build 24438)

Updated Oct 24, 2019


  • Notable Changes
    • Linux: Fixed compatibility with Linux distributions that no longer provide Qt4.
    • macOS: Improved stability and various other fixes.
  • File Formats
    • macOS: Fixed Conversion dropdown including its content multiple times.
  • File Views
    • macOS: Fixed horizontal scrolling behavior to follow "Natural Scrolling".
    • macOS: Fixed line height when using certain fonts.
  • Folder Compare
    • macOS: Fixed incorrect comparison results after file conversion errors.
    • macOS: Fixed selecting preset filters in the Name Filter combobox on the toolbar.
  • Home View
    • macOS: Fixed default keyboard focus for comparisons launched from the Home view.
  • Installer
    • Linux: 64-bit installer packages now include a private copy of Qt4.
    • macOS: Fixed Check for Updates new version install failing until a manual update and system restart.
  • Misc
    • macOS: Fixed treeviews not drawing correctly (Folder Compare Sync Preview, Folder Compare operation "Hidden Items" dialog, etc).
    • macOS: Fixed Comparison Info dialog drawing treeview over the top of the close button.
    • macOS: Fixed closing a view to activate the second most recently active one rather than the most recently created one.
    • macOS: Fixed dragging a file from Finder onto a path edit inserting just the filename under macOS 10.15 Catalina.
  • Table Compare
    • macOS: Improved compatibility and stability when comparing Excel .xls and .xlsx files.
    • macOS: Fixed Excel conversion failures being silently ignored.
    • macOS: Fixed height of inline edit in line details.
    • macOS: Fixed incorrect character coloring for lines with extended (non-ASCII) characters on them.
  • Crashes
    • macOS: Fixed crash when opening files with paths containing CJK characters.
    • macOS: Fixed crash when editing archive associations in Preferences.

4.3.0 (build 24364)

Updated Oct 9, 2019


  • Notable Changes
    • macOS: Upgraded to 64-bit and re-implemented interface in Cocoa. Supported versions are now macOS 10.11 through 10.15.
    • macOS: Added support for Microsoft OneDrive.
    • macOS: Text editor enhanced with macOS-specific behavior and improved performance.
    • macOS: Added support for Full Screen mode.
  • Cloud Services
    • macOS: Added support for Microsoft OneDrive.
  • Misc
    • macOS: Added support for autocompletion in path edits.
    • macOS: "Check for Updates" now uses HTTPS connections.
    • macOS: Added support for per-monitor high-DPI images.
    • macOS: App bundle is now notarized by Apple.
  • Text Views
    • macOS: Added support for custom keybindings in ~/Library/Keybindings/DefaultKeyBinding.dict.
    • macOS: Added support for long-pressing a letter to select an accented variant.
    • macOS: Added support for system pop-up dictionary (Ctrl+Cmd+D).
    • macOS: Added support for deleting accents on characters and segments in multi-segment glyphs (Ctrl+BkSp).
    • macOS: Added support for Killing (Ctrl+K) and Yanking (Ctrl+Y)
    • macOS: Added support for setMark:, selectToMark:, deleteToMark:, swapWithMark: keybinding commands.
    • macOS: Improved editing performance.


  • Notable Changes
    • Fixed Patience Diff alignment never completing if the last line of the comparison is an orphan.
  • File Formats
    • Fixed "Description" field for new file formats including text from most recently used file format.
  • Misc
    • macOS: Fixed 'Reveal in Finder' so it doesn't ask the user for permission to automate Finder before it works.
  • Registry Compare
    • Microsoft Windows: Fixed undo/redo handling of swapped sides.
  • Text Compare
    • Fixed Patience Diff alignment never completing if the last line of the comparison is an orphan.
  • Crashes
    • Fixed crash when sorting Folder Compare/Sync by CRC.
    • Microsoft Windows: Fixed crash on exit when overriding the locale in the registry.
    • Linux/macOS: Fixed crash when moving symbolic links across filesystems.