Beyond Compare Licensing

If you need to discuss your licensing requirements for Beyond Compare, please contact our Scooter Software licensing specialists.

Beyond Compare is licensed on either a per-user or per-workstation basis. A single user license covers one person using BC on any number of computers, or a single workstation accessed by multiple people.

The Site License allows unlimited users an organization at one physical location.

The Enterprise License allows unlimited users within an organization at multiple sites.

Beyond Compare has two editions, Standard and Pro. The Standard Edition is a powerful, full-featured comparison tool. The Pro Edition includes all the Standard features plus additional advanced features.

Beyond Compare is available for Windows, MacOS X, and several popular Linux distributions. Licenses purchased after January 1, 2016 will work for all platforms. Older, single platform licenses may be upgraded to multi-platform for free.

Beyond Compare licenses are perpetual. Once you buy a license to a specific major version, and as long as you abide by the license agreement, you can use that version forever with no additional cost.

Upgrade Protection
When you buy a new license, you automatically get 12 months of upgrade protection. That means if we release a major upgrade within 12 months of your purchase, you can get the upgrade for free. You only get automatic upgrade protection when you pay full price for a license. It is not reestablished when you pay half price to upgrade to a new major version. If you skip a major version and pay full price to upgrade, it is effectively a new license and you get 12 more months of upgrade protection.

Annual Maintenance (Site and Enterprise only)
If you have an unlimited or enterprise license and prefer to budget your license fees, you can renew your upgrade protection annually for 20% of the (then current) license price. If your upgrade protection expires, you can only reestablish it at the time you purchase an upgrade by paying the annual amount (20%) in addition to the upgrade price (50%). The upgrade transaction sets the new upgrade protection anniversary date.

The US Export Control Classification Number (ECCN) classification for Beyond Compare is 5D992. Beyond Compare versions 3 and 4 are authorized for import and reexport under Section 742.15(b) of the USA Export Administration Regulations (the review requirement for mass market encryption commodities and software exceeding 64 bits). Scooter Software’s CCATS number is G074097.

License Agreements