About Big Faceless Report Generator

Create PDF reports from XML using Java.

Big Faceless Report Generator allows you to convert source documents written in XML to PDF. Create PDF reports directly from your database. Built on top of BFO's popular PDF and Graph libraries, the Report Generator combines the features of the two and wraps an XML parser around them. Using JSP, ASP or similar technology, you can now create dynamic PDF reports as quickly and easily as HTML.

BFO's Java Reporting tool provides comprehensive XML to PDF conversion. As the report XML is based on XHTML and uses CSS, the learning curve is drastically reduced - report designers don't have to learn an entirely new grammar, so are up and running quicker.

  • Create dynamic reports using JSP’s, ASP’s, XSLT - whatever you would normally use to create dynamic HTML pages.
  • Simple HTML-style XML syntax makes migration for HTML reports (and HTML programmers) relatively painless.
  • Use Cascading Style Sheets (level 2) to control the document look-and-feel.
  • Build Reports on top of existing PDF documents (Extended Edition only).
  • Full support for autosized, nested tables, lists, hyperlinks, images and other familiar HTML features.
  • Inline generation of graphs and charts, in full shaded 3D.
  • Embed XML metadata directly in the PDF, following Adobes XMPTM specification.
  • Native Unicode support. No worrying about codepages, encodings and so on, it just works.
  • Embed and subset OpenType and Type 1 fonts, or use one of the 14 latin or 8 east-asian built in fonts.
  • 40 and 128-bit PDF Encryption, for eyes only documents. Digital signatures too.
  • Auto-pagination of content with headers, footers and watermarks.
  • Use ICC color profiles, spot color and patterns for sophisticated color control.
  • Draw barcodes and simple vector graphics directly into the document using XML elements.