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Bunifu Ultimate Bundle includes BuniCharts and Bunifu UI WinForms. BuniCharts is a well-crafted chart component to visualize your application data. It contains a rich gallery of charts and graphs and its high performance helps render large amounts of data quickly. It also comes with features such as animations, tooltips, and  customizations that are easily configurable. Bunifu UI WinForms controls use modern minimalist design thinking. It is also inspired by flat design principles for lightweight, optimized and beautiful interfaces. Bunifu UI WinForms controls provides you with all the tools you need to create modern WinForms desktop apps in less time

BuniCharts is a .NET library that allows designers and developers to draw all kinds of charts on their WinForms application. It offers a great array of simple, clean charts with interactivity powered by chart animations. BuniCharts provides an easy way to plot beautiful data visualizations in your .NET project. Packaged as a DLL it includes drag and drop chart components that plot on a chart canvas. Each chart component is loaded with unique chart properties for easy customization...

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Bunifu Ultimate Bundle updated
Bunifu Ultimate Bundle updated
Adds a new Icon Button control with smooth, sleek hover and click effects.
Bunifu Ultimate Bundle v1.1.5/v5.2.3
Bunifu Ultimate Bundle v1.1.5/v5.2.3
Adds 'IconLeft' and 'IconRight' properties in Smart Tags for Bunifu Button.
Bunifu Ultimate Bundle v1.1.5/v5.2.0
Bunifu Ultimate Bundle v1.1.5/v5.2.0
Includes new Bunifu Loader and adds dynamic responsiveness to charts.
Bunifu Ultimate Bundle released
Bunifu Ultimate Bundle released
Fast UI and Data Visualization tools.

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One software license is required per developer. Runtime Royalty Free. Yearly/Annual license: Renewable upon expiry after 1 year. Applies to all plans except the Enterprise plans. One-off: Perpetual...

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