Add professional calendars to your JavaFX applications.

Published by DLSC
Distributed by ComponentSource since 2007

Version: 8.4.0 Updated: Jan 31, 2017


Please note: As of October 20th 2017, DLSC have decided to open-source CalendarFX and it is therefore no longer available for sale.

CalendarFX Releases

Released: Jan 31, 2017

Updates in 8.4.0


  • Printing support: a new control called PrintView has been added. It is integrated with the CalendarView class, using this control provides a new user experience when trying to print.
  • Now uses a responsive layout in the “day” page of the CalendarView control.
  • New control “MonthSheetView” for showing multiple months in a column layout.
  • New control “DetailedDayView”: a “DayView” with chrome (time scale, calendar headers, all day view, scrollbar, etc…)
  • New control “DetailedWeekView”: a...

Released: Nov 30, 2015

Updates in this release

Updates in v1.2

This release removes the Maven dependency to a third-party artefact that included the Google recurrence API but unfortunately also the JODA time API and the Scala language support. Instead the distribution now consists of two CalendarFX JAR files plus three external JAR files.

Bug Fixes

  • Year view: menu and popover overlap.
  • Color of entry popover title does not update after calendar change.
  • Date picker below source view does not show current date.


  • Samples improved...