Add professional calendars to your JavaFX applications.

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Version: 8.4.0 Updated: Jan 31, 2017


Please note: As of October 20th 2017, DLSC have decided to open-source CalendarFX and it is therefore no longer available for sale.


CalendarFX is a calendar component for JavaFX. It allows developers to customize the appearance and behaviour via CSS and pluggable factories and callbacks. Prebuilt controls speed up development and developers will feel at  home with the easy to use API that is consistent with standard JavaFX controls.

Day View. Focus on a single day.
The day view allows the user to focus his attention on one day only. The view displays entries made on this day and also full day entries that intersect with it. Applications can configure the view to display a fixed number of hours in the viewport or to display hours at a fixed height. Entries can be dragged up and down. Start and end times can be changed. Smart layout algorithms ensure that entries will not overlap each other. Factories can be used to create...

Latest News

CalendarFX 8.4.0
CalendarFX 8.4.0
Adds support for printing, plus new controls MonthSheetView, DetailedDayView and DetailedWeekView.
CalendarFX released
CalendarFX released
Add professional calendars to your JavaFX applications.
Three different commercial license types are available for purchase: Development License, Runtime License, and Source Code License. A development license is required after the free trial period has...

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