About Chant VoiceXMLKit

Win over your audience with enriched communications.

Chant VoiceXMLKit is comprised of classes and tools for creating, validating, and interpreting VoiceXML. VoiceXML applications can be developed and tested offline before deploying to servers. It is an application development framework for managing conversations with VoiceXML. Applications now have the ability to dynamically generate VoiceXML at runtime. VoiceXMLKit includes C++, C++Builder, Delphi, Java, and .NET Framework class library formats to support all your programming languages and sample projects for popular IDEs - such as the latest Visual Studio from Microsoft and RAD Studio from Embarcadero and Java IDEs Eclipse, IntelliJ, JDeveloper and NetBeans. The class libraries can be integrated with 32-bit and 64-bit applications.

Chant VoiceXMLKit Features

Chant VoiceXMLKit is comprised of software classes and tools for managing conversations.

With VoiceXMLKit you can:

  • Validate VoiceVXML syntax
  • Interpret VoiceXML documents

Within Chant Developer Workbench, you can:

  • Create and edit VoiceXML documents
  • Test VoiceXML documents with microphone audio and keypad data
  • Trace runtime events