CodeRush Ultimate 19.2.7

Released: Jan 21, 2020

Updates in 19.2.7


Smart Dot - Helps you write function call chains faster, with fewer keystrokes.

  • When the caret is in a parameterless function call and you want to access a member of the return value, you can now type the dot within parentheses (instead of moving the caret out and to the right). CodeRush will place the dot to the right of the closing parentheses allowing you to call another method in a call chain.
  • If you have a complete method call and want to call another method in a call chain on the same line, you can type the dot at the end of the line (right after the final semicolon). CodeRush will place the dot and the caret to the left of the semicolon making easier to create method call chains.
  • This feature is available for C#, Visual Basic, JavaScript, and TypeScript.

Blazor Support - The following features are now available in Blazor code:

  • Structural Highlighting.
  • Smart Duplicate Line.
  • Selection Expand/Reduce.


  • Code Actions - The "Add copyright header" code action does not remove existing regions.
  • Code Cleanup adds unnecessary parentheses even if the corresponding provider is set.
  • Code Cleanup does not work in ASP.NET code behind.
  • Code Cleanup - "Cleanup On Save" triggers the "changed externally" message in Visual Studio for files that were not changed.
  • Naming Assistant overlaps IntelliSense for member declarations in Visual Studio 2019.
  • Rich Comments - URL without the prefix is incorrectly processed on an image click.
  • Test Runner - The test output font in the "Details" tab should be monospaced.