CodeRush Ultimate 20.1.4

Released: Jun 4, 2020

Updates in 20.1.4


  • Unit Testing - In this release the CodeRush Test Runner gains the ability to show and run tests for all target frameworks in multi-framework projects. You can run tests for all target frameworks or for only tests in a selected framework.
  • Code Formatting - CodeRush lets you configure line breaks around and within simple statements (statements that consist of a single line of code that ends in a semicolon, for example, method calls, return statements, throw statements, etc.) and empty code blocks.
  • Code Style - This release adds new Code Style options for expression bodies in methods, constructors, operators, properties, and other members. These code style settings are used by Declaration Providers, Declare Menu, Templates, and other features that generate new members from scratch. You can also use the "Apply expression body styles" code cleanup rule to apply this new code style.
  • ExecuteRefactoring Command - The new ExecuteRefactoring command allows you to quickly run a specified refactoring without the UI overhead of invoking the Code Actions menu.