About CodeRush

Visualize code and intuitively debug.

CodeRush uses the same solution parsing results as Visual Studio, so you get a faster, leaner development experience, saving hundreds of megabytes of RAM, and saving tens of seconds on solution loads and other important development tasks. CodeRush also immediately understands and supports new C# and VB language features as they are released by the Visual Studio team.

  • Code Analysis - Detect and correct possible code issues and code smells.
  • Code Coverage - See how well your solution is covered by unit tests.
  • IntelliRush - IntelliRush enhances Visual Studio’s built-in Intellisense, adding quick and easy filtering (by properties, methods, events, interfaces, classes, namespaces, etc.) so you can find what you need faster and with fewer keystrokes.
  • Unit Testing - Create new test cases or new test suites for NUnit, xUnit, MSTest and  MSpec test frameworks in a single keystroke.
  • Debug Visualizer - Easily see what's going on with complex expressions and structures at debug time.
  • Decompiler - Reveal source code from compiled assemblies. Assembly structure is presented as a tree and you can drill into classes and their members, as well as navigate to base classes and derived classes.
  • Refactorings - Includes over 100 refactorings. Use Ctrl + . or Ctrl + ~ to bring up the refactoring menu.

How Is CodeRush Different from CodeRush Classic?
CodeRush uses significantly less memory, works faster, and lets you start Visual Studio faster. It leverages Visual Studio's solution-parsing data and automatically supports new C# and VB language features as they become available in Visual Studio. With CodeRush you get a faster and leaner development experience, so you get more quality work done in less time.