CodeRush 19.2.8

Released: Feb 18, 2020

Updates in 19.2.8


  • Refactorings and Code Providers - This release includes a useful new refactoring, Promote to Generic Parameter. This refactoring takes a class reference inside a method block, turns that into a generic type parameter to the method, and updates all calling code as you would expect. This can save a lot of time and keystrokes when you want to turn a normal method into a generic one.
  • HTML Support - Color Swatches and the CodeRush Color Picker are now available in HTML:
  • RepeatLastRefactoring Command - The new RepeatLastRefactoring command invokes the last refactoring executed in the session without bringing up the Code Actions menu. If you've just started a new Visual Studio session, this command will show the Code Actions menu.


  • Code Templates - Type-casting templates should not be expanded in a variable declaration.
  • Formatting - The attribute indentation is lost.
  • Test Runner - The class links do not work in the Details tab.
  • Test Runner - Session modifications are lost when Visual Studio crashes.