CodeRush 20.1.5

Released: Jul 2, 2020

Updates in 20.1.5


Unit Testing - Run Settings File Support - You can now exclude the following members, files, and assemblies from Code Coverage analysis using a .runsettings file:

  • Source files matching a specified path/name pattern.
  • Signed assemblies matching a specified public key token.
  • Members with a specified matching attribute.
  • Assemblies having a specified AssemblyCompany attribute value.

Blazor Support - Blazor developers get improved template and refactoring support in this release.

  • Code Templates - CodeRush now declares dependent namespaces when corresponding C# templates are expanded in .razor files. For example, the 'nsb' template (to create new StringBuilder instances) automatically adds the necessary '@using System.Text' namespace reference at the top of the .razor file.
  • Refactorings
    • Remove Type Quallifier is now available from the @code sections in .razor files.
    • Make Explicit now properly declares any needed namespace references when changing implicit variable declarations to variables that are explicitly-declared.