About dbForge Schema Compare for MySQL

Easily compare MySQL databases.

dbForge Schema Compare for MySQL lets you perform quick and safe schema comparison and synchronization, easy analysis of database structure differences, and propagation of changes to a required MySQL Server. dbForge Schema Compare for MySQL is a fast easy-to-use tool to compare and synchronize structures of MySQL databases. dbForge Schema Compare for MySQL has been specially designed to help you quickly analyze database structure differences at a glance and propagate the changes to a required MySQL Server escaping tedious manual work.

dbForge Schema Compare for MySQL Features

MySQL Connectivity

  • Support of all MySQL server versions
  • Comparison and synchronization of databases on different versions of MySQL server
  • Connection Manager for a full control of database connections

Database Structure Comparison

  • Quick and accurate comparison with Schema Comparison wizard
  • Comparison of all major MySQL database objects
  • Swap button to swap Target and Source databases on Schema Comparison wizard

Analyzing Structure Differences and Synchronization

  • Clear display of schema differences in the grid
  • DDL differences in the Text compare with multicolor higlights based on the difference type
  • Automatic grouping of objects by their type
  • Convenient filtering by name or difference type
  • Sorting of compared objects
  • Objects exclusion from synchronization
  • Save and load comparison settings
  • Synchronization script preview for any separate schema object
  • Options to customize the synchronization script output
  • Warnings on possible data losses or errors during synchronization
  • Asynchronous structure synchronization

SQL Execution and Data Management

  • Execution of SQL scripts and queries
  • Data editor with in-place filtering, grouping, and sorting options
  • Paginal data access for large result sets
  • Graphical card view for data editor
  • Large objects (LOB) viewer
  • Text search in data editor
  • Data printing
  • Capability to postpone sending of data updates to the server (Cached updates mode)

Clear User Interface

  • Customizable window layout
  • Tool windows with 'auto-hide' and 'float' modes
  • Multiple shortcut schemes with full shortcut customization
  • Tabbed groups for documents
  • Toolbars customization