dbForge Studio for MySQL Releases

Released: Mar 28, 2024

Updates in V10.0.225


  • Improved the behavior of retrieving metadata about database objects under restricted privilege conditions.
  • Added support for the Mroonga engine in the syntax checking.
  • Significantly improved the performance of parsing queries containing a large number of JOIN operations.
  • Improved the behavior of the Execute Current Statement and Execute To Cursor commands during script parsing when it's not possible to evaluate the script fragment for execution. Users will now be notified when executing...

Released: Jan 17, 2024

Updates in V10.0.150


  • Code Completion and Syntax Check
    • Added support for START, STOP, SHOW and RESET REPLICA statements.
    • Added full support for FLUSH command.
  • DDL generator
    • Added the option to Include triggers to DDL generator.
    • Added Include DEFINER clause and Include SQL SECURITY clause options instead of Exclude DEFINER and SQL SECURITY clauses option.
  • Others
    • Added connectivity support for MariaDB 11.4.
    • Upgraded from legacy chart designer to advanced new version.
    • Added new Alt + Up/Down Arrow shortcuts for...

Released: Nov 20, 2023

Updates in V10.0.60


  • Added the ability to open the Object Editor's Data tab directly from the Database Explorer.


  • Fixed an issue editing string values in the Data Editor.
  • Resolved a crash when attempting to save a script larger than 2 gigabytes.
  • Fixed an issue parsing duplicate objects in the script.
  • Resolved problem with SQL Document freezing during query execution.

Released: Nov 3, 2023

Updates in V10.0.46


  • Source Control
    • Integrated Source Control with support for popular version control systems such as Azure DevOps Server, Apache Subversion (SVN), TFVC, Git (including GitHub, GitLab, and Bitbucket), Mercurial (Hg), Perforce (P4), and SourceGear Vault.
  • Code Completion & Syntax Check
    • Added highlighting and quick navigation between syntax pairs.
    • Navigation between COLUMNS and VALUES in INSERT statements has been made easier, and has also been augmented with highlighting.
    • Improved the...

Released: Sep 14, 2023

Updates in V9.2.128


  • Added support for authentication via AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM).


  • Fixed an issue with the SSL connection to the server.

Released: Aug 17, 2023

Updates in V9.2.105


  • Added support for MySQL v8.1.


  • Improved table mapping error diagnostics in Data Compare.
  • Removed the automatic creation of an empty debug.log file when opening the Studio.
  • Removed the cause of warnings in database backup scripts; the ALTER TABLE ENABLE KEYS command is applied to MyISAM tables only.
  • Fixed an issue in the table editor that occurred when opening a table with the # character in the title.
  • Improved the modification mechanism for procedures and functions; when saving an...

Released: May 18, 2023

Updates in V9.2.34


  • It is impossible to specify shortcuts for several commands within the 'Generate Script As' section of the data editor pop-up menu.
  • All toolbar and menu buttons are unresponsive within specific environments.
  • Facing parsing errors when performing schema comparison for objects containing specific subqueries.
  • Incorrect encoding within the SET NAMES statement when generating data export script.

Released: Apr 19, 2023

Updates in V9.2.5


  • Connectivity
    • Added support for MariaDB v11.3.
    • Added support for Aiven Cloud.
    • Added support for SHA-256/512.
  • Text Editor
    • Enhanced code completion for application-period temporal tables.
    • Added support for a broader range of optimizer hints.
    • Added support for VALUES ... ORDER BY ... LIMIT statements.
    • Added support for TABLE statement.
    • Added support for EXCEPT and INTERSECT statements.
    • Added support for spatial functions ST_LineInterpolatePoint, ST_LineInterpolatePoints, ST_PointAtDistance...

Released: Aug 30, 2022

Updates in V9.1.21


  • Added connectivity support for MariaDB 10.10.


  • Fixed an issue with data modification in tables with an INVISIBLE column in the Data Editor.
  • Fixed a bug that occurred when saving document cache for recovery.
  • Fixed a false syntax check error.
  • Fixed an issue with the synchronization of calculated columns.

Released: Aug 12, 2022

Updates in V9.1.8


  • General
    • Added connectivity support for MariaDB 10.9.
    • Added support for Linux and Apple macOS via CrossOver.
  • SQL Document
    • Added support for RETURNING in JSON_VALUE statements.
    • Added formatting options for CREATE EVENT and ALTER EVENT.
  • Database Explorer
    • Added support for editing PACKAGE and PACKAGE BODY in SQL documents.
  • Schema Compare
    • Improved comparison and synchronization of integer datatypes on MySQL 8.0 and Percona 8.0.
  • Object Editor
    • Added support for ASC and DESC sorting of index...