Desaware Universal .NET Features

Features of Desaware Universal .NET

Within the products of this suite are the resources to:

  • Create and support State machines, thereby dramatically reducing the number of threads needed to perform background operations. Manage large numbers or varying numbers of asynchronous operations. StateCoder
  • Create Windows services that are both easier and more robust than those created using Visual Studio. NT Service Toolkit .NET
  • Store virtually any data type without the complexity and overhead of a database. StorageTools
  • Expose low levels functions of visual studio such as windows and keyboard hooks, subclassing, cross process memory access and function exporting. SpyWorks Professional
  • Create and maintain secure web links to download software. OneTimeDownload-5M
  • Track email responses to specific outgoing messages. OneTimeDownload-5M
  • Easily read and write INI files from .NET applications or web applications. IniFile Helper-5M
  • Create custom event sources with an easy to use utility. Event Log Toolkit