About DevExpress ASP.NET Online Training

Training for DevExpress ASP.NET controls.

DevExpress ASP.NET Online Training course provides an introduction to the suite of components. It describes the steps required to get started with the product suite and demonstrates the techniques needed to work with the individual components and how to put them together to create a Web application. The focus of the course is to make it easier for you to create your own Web applications with DevExpress ASP.NET WebForms components.

DevExpress ASP.NET Online Training Features

Welcome and Getting Started
This module provides an introduction to the class as well as to the techniques available for getting started with your own DXperience ASP.NET WebForms based application. You also learn about the role of data binding and your data layer in conjunction with the DevExpress controls.

  • Creating a New Application
  • Using the Project Wizard
  • Data Access Scenarios
  • Toolbox Pages

Tools for Public Websites
For public-facing sites you need components that are good at visualizing information, while heavily interactive UI is rather less common. This module focuses on a few DevExpress controls that are especially useful for public sites, and moves on to describe how other, more general purpose components can be configured to fit that role as well.

  • Navigation Elements
  • Navigation Elements (Menu Demo)
  • Navigation Elements (NavBar Demo)
  • ASPxDataView
  • ASPxGridView Read-Only Setup
  • ASPxScheduler
  • ASPxGridView and ASPxScheduler Read-Only Setup (Demo)
  • Editor Controls
  • Editor Controls (Demo)
  • ASPxCallback(Panel)
  • ASPxCallback (Demo)

Advanced ASPxGridView Setups
The ASPxGridView is one of the largest and most powerful components in the package. This module covers various advanced scenarios, including master/detail views, inline editing, validation and customizing the editing templates.

  • Client-Side Control API
  • Column Options and Client Side API
  • JavaScript Intellisense Support
  • Master/Detail
  • Editing
  • Validation
  • Editing an Enum with a Combo Box
  • Editing an Image

Data Analysis
From single-value views with the Gauges over beautiful chart presentations, all the way to highly interactive cross-table analysis with the Pivot Grid, the DevExpress suite offers a comprehensive toolset for data analysis purposes. This module provides an introduction to the different techniques.

  • Gauges
  • Charts
  • ASPxPivotGrid

Document Export and Reporting
Creating various document formats for export and printing is made easy by the functionality of the Printing System in the XtraPrinting library. On top of that, XtraReports provides a powerful solution for data-bound reporting needs, including previewing capabilities for all the .NET platforms.

  • Printing System / XtraPrinting
  • XtraReports
  • XtraReports (Preview Demo)
  • Silverlight Previewer