About DevExpress WPF Online Training

Training for DevExpress WPF controls.

DevExpress WPF Online Training provides an overview and introduction to the DevExpress WPF suite of components. It describes the steps required to get started with the product suite and demonstrates the techniques needed to work with the individual components and how to put them together to create a WPF application. The course includes information on a broad range of DevExpress products and provides an intermediate level of coverage on these products.

Included Modules

  • Welcome and Getting Started / 15 min - This module provides an introduction to the class as well as to the techniques for getting started with your own DevExpress WPF based application, incorporating the theming technology. You also learn about the Visual Studio designer integration.
  • Navigation and Application Layout / 46 min - The focus of this module is navigation in your application. You learn about configurable menu and toolbar systems, as well as the modern Ribbon UI. Second level navigation options with the NavBar, docking and tool windows and Windows UI round things off.
  • Grid Control / 39 min - This module is dedicated entirely to the GridControl, probably the most complex control in the suite, and the most commonly used. You learn how to set up the control for a number of different use cases from simple data binding to advanced master/detail and editing scenarios.
  • Various Controls and Layout Persistence / 19 min - This module covers the scheduler control suite as well as the LayoutControl for simplified construction of editing windows with runtime customization support. The layout persistence features are available in many DevExpress WPF controls to store customizations applied by end users across application runs
  • Data Analysis / 33 min - The broad topic of data analysis in the focus of this module. It covers the gauges, simple controls that visualize individual or small numbers of business values. Charts show graphical diagrams of value sequences, and the pivot grid is a cross table data analysis solution for the most complex cases.
  • Document Generation and Printing / 21 min - Creating various document formats for export and printing is made easy by the DXPrinting functionality. On top of that, XtraReports provides a powerful solution for data-bound reporting needs, including previewing capabilities for all the .NET platforms, and easy integration with the WPF application environment.
  • MVVM / 24 min - In this module you learn about the MVVM support library that makes it easy to create ViewModel classes and utilize those with Views, supplying UI functionality to the ViewModels by way of services and behaviors.