DlhSoft Ganttis Releases

Released: May 21, 2022

Updates in 2.2


  • Added new 'GanttChartView' and 'OutlineGanttChartView' structures which define views that allow developers to build SwiftUI apps without manually wrapping internal components with 'NSViewRepresentable' or 'UIViewRepresentable'.

Released: Apr 3, 2022

Updates in 2.1.15


  • You can now configure row headers in the Apple iOS based 'GanttChart' component, so that end users can better understand what each chart row represents.

Released: Dec 2, 2019

Updates in 2.0


  • Rebuilt with Swift 5.1 and now packaged as an XCFramework.
  • Adds new OutlineGanttChart macOS component that synchronizes a standard GanttChart with a classic OutlineView, allowing end users to better visualize and manage project-like hierarchies.