DlhSoft Hyper Library

DlhSoft Hyper Library includes JavaScript components that provide a user interface for displaying and selecting dates and times as well as components that allow end users to make selections from a set of options. It also includes a data grid, tree-view, textbox, button and tooltip components for developing similarly styled applications with ease.

DlhSoft Hyper Library Features

  • DateTimePicker - DateTimePicker, DatePicker, TimePicker, and Calendar components provide user interface for displaying and selecting dates and times.
  • MultiSelectorComboBox - MultiSelectorComboBox, ComboBox, and DropDownList components allow end users to make a selection from a set of options.
  • TreeGrid - Hierarchical data grid for indented data items. A simple grid component without tree-view behavior is also available.
  • More Controls - ContentControl, ItemsControl...

Latest News

DlhSoft Hyper Library released
DlhSoft Hyper Library released
Calendar, date picker, time picker, combo box, and tree-grid components for JavaScript.

Prices from: $ 169.08

Personal License: Single developer, Up to 2 computers, Run-time royalty free, Can be purchased by an individual or a company/organization, Small Team License: Up to 3 developers, Up to 6 computers...

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Component Type
  • JavaScript
  • AngularJS
  • TypeScript