dotCover Reviews


I tried dotCover 1.1, integrated with ReSharper 5.1 running in VS2008.

The Cost
A lifetime license, with 1 year of free upgrades is $199 $149 – a special introductory price. This isn’t usurious, but considering that ReSharper C# edition, a tool that changes the way I work every single day, is $249, it’s enough.

VS integration
This is where I expected dotCover to shine, and it didn’t disappoint – the integration with Visual Studio (and with ReSharper) was excellent. The first thing I noticed was an extra “Cover with dotCover” item in the ReSharper test menu (triggered from the yellow and green ball things). I clicked it, and it ran my tests, bringing up the familiar Unit Test results window.

Once the tests ran, there was a pause while dotCover calculated the coverage info, and then the bottom pane filled in with coverage results: green/red bars by every method in the covered assemblies.


The dotCover tool makes code coverage analysis as simple and fast as it was never before. It doesn’t provide all the sophisticated features that NCover has (e.g. branch coverage or trend analysis, to name just two…), but instead it integrates deeply with your coding process and lets you browse and navigate between test code and production code inside VS with only one or two mouse clicks while highlighting the covered/uncovered code areas. Unlike NCover, there’s no need to switch between different applications and to figure out complicated sets of options and/or command lines. Especially when used with a consequent TDD process, dotCover is a great help in writing tests and can strongly boost a developer’s productivity.