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DWG2DWF-X 2015

1 Year Subscription Renewal for 1 Developer License

Our Part #: CS-554313-1192504

Licensing & Delivery $ 392.00 Add to Cart

Extends your subscription for updates and technical support for an additional 1 year.

The license terms of this product require that we verify your eligibility prior to it being delivered.

After verification your subscription period will be extended and your new renewal date sent to you via email.

Delivered via Email:
  • Download instructions and License Code for DWG2DWF-X - 1 Developer License Renewal

DWG2DWF-X Licensing

Developer License: One developer license permits one specific developer to develop desktop application for internal cooperate usage only. Each additional developer requires a developer license as well. If your application is server based (server deployment), then both Developer and Server Licenses need to be ordered.

Server License: It is required when deploying a server or web application, each server license can be used for one server. A "Server" shall mean a computer system, a non-user physical or Virtual computer that multiple users access or make use of, including but not limited to, terminal servers, file servers, application servers or web servers.

Site License: It is for unlimited developers of the same organization and allows deploying the library to unlimited servers or physical locations, please contact us for more details.


  • If 1 developer develops 2 applications, they should purchase 2 Developer Licenses.
  • If 1 developer develops 2 applications on 1 server, they should purchase 2 Developer Licenses and 2 Server Licenses.
  • If 1 developer develops 2 applications on 2 servers, they should purchase 2 Developer Licenses and 4 Server Licenses.

License Agreements

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January 17, 2018