DevExpress WinForms Licensing Fact Sheet

We can supply any DevExpress WinForms license including new subscriptions, subscription renewals, and upgrade licenses.

Read the DevExpress License Agreement for detailed license information.

New Subscriptions

All DevExpress products are sold based on a subscription model. When you purchase a Subscription, you receive 12 months of free updates for that product from the date of purchase - from minor service updates to major new versions.

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After your subscription expires, you can renew to receive another year of updates. If you choose not to renew, you can continue using the last version you are eligible to use.

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Upgrades are available from DevExpress ASP.NET and Blazor or WinForms to DevExpress Universal. It is not currently possible to upgrade from other products in the DevExpress range.

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Co-term / Alignment

If you have multiple subscriptions with different renewal dates and would like to align them, we can help regardless of where you bought them. Live Chat to discuss your requirements.


Previous Versions

If you purchase a new license, you can download any prior version from your account and receive technical support on that version.

Compare Subscriptions

DevExpress WinForms is also available as part of two cost-saving multi-platform subscription suites. DevExpress also offers other individual platform subscriptions with similar functionality. View all subscriptions.

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New Subscriptions

$ 979.99

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$ 1,469.99

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$ 2,155.99

Save $ 44.00SRP: $ 2,199.99

Subscription Renewals

$ 440.99

Save $ 9.00SRP: $ 449.99

$ 661.49

Save $ 13.50SRP: $ 674.99

$ 970.19

Save $ 19.80SRP: $ 989.99

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Is the license permanent (perpetual) or temporal (time-limited)?

All DevExpress licenses are permanent. You can continue to use the purchased product after your subscription period ends.

What happens after my subscription expires?

You can continue to use the products included in your subscription for as long as you require. Subscription expiry means that you will no longer be issued any product updates or new product releases. It is possible to renew your subscription at a lower cost than buying a new license. However if you do not renew your subscription by the 13th month after your purchase, your renewal cost will increase on a monthly basis.

Can I co-term (align) my existing licenses?

Yes - ComponentSource can arrange to co-term your licenses, even if they were not originally purchased through us. Please call us or to discuss your needs.

Can I upgrade / downgrade my license?

You can upgrade from either DevExpress ASP.NET and Blazor or DevExpress WinForms to DXperience or DevExpress Universal. Upgrade paths are not currently available from other DevExpress products.

You can also downgrade - for example from DevExpress Universal to DevExpress WinForms.

Can I add a new license / previous version to my existing DevExpress account?

Yes - you can add new licenses of the same product(s) or new licenses of different products to your existing DevExpress account. Previous versions are automatically added to your account.

Can I buy an old product version?

DevExpress does not offer old versions for sale directly. However, purchasing a new license entitles you to download any previous version of the corresponding product for no additional fee.

Can I install my license on more than one machine?

Yes - DevExpress permits installation on two machines per individual (e.g. a desktop and laptop).

Is Source Code available?

Only DevExpress Universal, DXperience, DevExpress VCL Subscription and DevExtreme Complete include Source Code. Please note that other individual DevExpress platform subscriptions (e.g. DevExpress ASP.NET and Blazor) do not.

Can a license be transferred from one developer to another?

Yes. In fact you can do this yourself using the DevExpress website if your company has purchased multiple licenses. Log in to the License Manager section of the DevExpress website where you can assign a particular license to a given email address. Please note that DevExpress do not offer floating licenses. For more information, refer to the End-User License Agreement.

What type of support do I get?

Technical Support is provided by the web-based DevExpress Support Center. DevExpress aims to respond to all questions within one business day. Support via phone, chat, or email is not provided. Support is only provided to a developer with a valid license.

DevExpress Universal includes Priority support and DevExtreme Complete is available with or without Priority support.

Does this product require online / offline activation?

DevExpress products require activation when installing. If the machine being activated is not connected to the internet, the installer displays an opaque data blob that should be sent to DevExpress via an Internet-connected machine. DevExpress will reply immediately with another opaque data blob that must be entered into the installer. Once that validation has checked out, the installer will proceed to install the product. Please follow the instructions in the installer.