Enterprise Architect Professional Edition Licensing

If you need to discuss your licensing requirements for Enterprise Architect Professional Edition, please contact our Sparx Systems licensing specialists.

One software license is required per user.

Available in a number of editions Enterprise Architect is ideal for a wide range of projects, team sizes and target platforms.

  • Professional Edition - Starter Edition - A fully featured UML modeling environment for workgroups, analysts and developers. Includes support for multi user projects and code engineering (import/export/synchronization).
  • Corporate Edition - Enterprise Workhorse - Includes all the features of the Professional version, with the added ability to use a variety of DBMS's for shared model repositories. Also includes role-based security, auditing and baseline merge tools for managing concurrent users. This edition is for larger teams that require fine-grained control in shared modeling environments.
  • Unified Edition - Power Tools & Critical Frameworks - As a business, systems and software development professional working on real-time, embedded and systems solutions using UML, SysML, DDS, DMN, BPSim and related technologies, this edition of Enterprise Architect has features and built in tools to help you and your team deliver the best solution possible.
  • Ultimate Edition - Access All Areas - For power users and those working across multiple domains, the Ultimate Edition offers the complete Enterprise Architect experience. A complete package, the Ultimate Edition contains all the features and bundled software of the other editions.

Floating License
Floating licenses are suitable for companies who wish to automate the management of Enterprise Architect registration keys, because they can be administered in a single, centralized repository. Sparx Systems Keystore Service provides the repository and administrative software to manage floating licenses.

The floating licenses service also supports off-site usage by allocating a key for a fixed period defined by an administrator.

You will need a floating license for each concurrent user.
For example if you have a team of 10 users but only require 5 users to use Enterprise Architect at any one time then you would need to purchase 5 Floating Licenses.

Subscription & Support
When you purchase Enterprise Architect you receive 12 months registered user email support and access to new versions and builds of Enterprise Architect. After this period has expired, you have the option to renew your subscription by purchasing a subscription renewal. A subscription renewal provides access to priority email support and free updates for an additional year.

Academic Site Licenses - For Institutions.
Enterprise Architect Academic Edition provides educational institutions with:

  • All the functionality of Sparx Systems' premier Enterprise Architect Ultimate Edition.
  • Site license options for fixed quantity or unlimited academic users.
  • The flexibility to use Enterprise Architect on-site or remotely for 'virtual classroom' scenarios.
  • Floating license options to centrally manage and automate distribution of license keys.

Prior to purchase, you will need to provide proof of your academic status, such as a scanned copy of your student/staff ID. In case photo ID is not available, a copy of your current student enrolment record is required. If you are a lecturer or teacher, a reference to your institution's website that lists you and your role suffices as alternative documentation.

License Agreements