Enterprise Architect Unified Edition Releases

Released: Aug 27, 2020

Updates in v15.2.x

v15.2 (Build 1560)

Updated Nov 5, 2021


  • The XML Import dialog now includes the option to either merge or restore Discussions from XML into the model.
  • Optimized the Native XML Importer to improve speed.
  • Improved feedback when importing a large Native XML project to avoid appearing unresponsive.
  • Updated the Native XML Importer for Project Transfer to retain trailing ']' characters in MEMO type columns.
  • Improved XMI Export behavior for Kanban diagrams that are set to 'Auto Fill'.
  • The...

Released: Jan 20, 2020

Updates in v15.1 .x

v15.1 (Build 1529)

Updated Jun 9, 2020


  • Non-functional changes in SScripter.exe to resolve issues where some common scanners were incorrectly identifying it as malware.
  • All exe and dll files created by Sparx Systems are now signed.
  • Metamodel constraints referencing Decision, Synch(H) and Synch(V) will now be exported with UML name.
  • Metamodel constraints on classifier and type are now applied when editing the from the docked properties window.
  • Strict connector syntax now allows any...

Released: Jan 14, 2020

Updates in v15.0 (Build 1514)

Updates in v15.0 (Build 1514)

  • User Interface
    • Display non profile tagged values that contain '::' in their name.
    • Properties window for BPMN Activity now filters loop properties based on the value for loopCharacteristics.
    • Scenario dialog now automatically saves a structure created from clipboard or note text.
    • Relationship Matrix now obeys security locks applied to connectors.
    • Element Properties dialog now closes and sets focus to the browser when finding an external requirement.
    • Perspectives...

Released: Oct 31, 2019

Updates in v15.0 (Build 1513)


  • New Element dialog now shows friendly and localizable name for selected toolbox.
  • Interaction toolbox no longer filtered from New Element dialog.
  • Compartment Visibility for SysML Properties is now persistent.
  • Better positioning of sequence diagram messages when modifying the diagram layout.
  • Improved font rendering for Navigation cells on high DPI monitors.
  • Tooltip behavior improved when hovering over certain ribbon buttons.
  • Docked maintenance window now supports adding new items when...

Released: Sep 25, 2019

Updates in 15.0 (Build 1512)


  • Keystore dialog will no longer list add-in licenses multiple times.
  • Start Page opening a new model with a long connection string will no longer fail.
  • Renaming of Operations now updates all the operation on all open Class and Sequence diagrams.
  • Resize behavior for SysML and State Machine diagram frames moved off to top-left of the diagram improved.
  • Diagram Labels no longer drawn twice when diagram first loaded.

Released: Sep 17, 2019

Updates in 15.0 (Build 1511)


  • Resolved diagram Print and Print Preview behavior when the option 'Scale to 1 page' is enabled.
  • Activity Partitions and BPMN Pools will now correctly draw border lines when a fill color is applied.
  • Further improvements to tooltip behavior.
  • Changed base image scale from 133% to 137% for better text quality.
  • Basic note editors updated to better handle copy and paste when the clipboard contains unsupported content.
  • Corrected behavior when modifying the diagram zoom level using the diagram...

Released: Sep 4, 2019

Updates in 15.0 (Build 1510)

Updates in v15.0 (Build 1510)

  • Corrected offsets for Win32 elements when saving an image or generating documentation.
  • Improve tooltip behavior for Glossary terms.
  • Resolved text clipping issue for Actors and Timelines when saving an image or generating documentation.

Released: Aug 30, 2019

Updates in 15.0 (Build 1509)

Updates in v15.0 (Build 1509)

  • Improved evaluation experience in Trial version.
  • Pop-up note editor now displays the start of the note when opened.
  • Further improvements to tooltips.
  • Quicklinker icons now remain visible when scrolling down tall objects.
  • Retrieving of user details during Windows Authentication and Active Directory import improved.
  • Report generation where a fragment calls other fragments is now possible.
  • Resolved issue that could occur when saving a diagram containing new elements...

Released: Aug 21, 2019

Updates in 15.0 (Build 1508)

Updates in 15.0 (Build 1508)

  • Performance enhancements and minor fixes including
    • Diagram Swimlanes, DMN Editors, Diagram Relationship Matrix,Scrollbars and Native XML round-trip.
    • Application Tooltip option moved to the Preferences Dialog under General > Window Behavior.
    • Diagram Tooltip option now available from the Docked Properties window under Appearance > "Use Info Tip (global)".

Released: Jul 25, 2019

Updates in 15


  • Visual flexibility - Custom drawing styles let you choose how to represent design elements with custom shapes, transparencies, colors and images. Unleash your creativity and build the visual representations your customers are familiar with.
  • Governance - Take advantage of model based add-ins to enforce new work flows, governance and control within your mission critical models. Leverage the security group based restrictions on Perspectives (technologies) and Ribbon sets to ensure your...