EPPlus Releases

Released: Apr 12, 2022

Updates in 6.0.x


Updated May 12, 2022


  • Improved handling of circular references in SUMIF and COUNTIF functions.
  • Improved handling of workbook- and worksheet-names when loading from a file with a relative address.


  • The HTML export of ranges sometimes rendered styles in merged cells incorrectly.
  • Memory optimization reading directly from the zip stream, when reading the worksheet xml, allowing unextracted parts larger than 2GB.
  • Hyperlinks in cells added with 'Display' is null will now use the...

Released: Oct 21, 2021

Updates in 5.8.x


Updated Apr 11, 2022


  • Fixed issue with start_num parameter for functions FIND and SEARCH.
  • Pivot table slicers in a template sometimes caused a corrupt workbook on save.
  • Pivot table fields that had subtotals and null values in shared cache items caused the package to fail on load in some cases.
  • Having the value set to 0(zero) and the number format to date or time returned the format instead of the formatted value.
  • DeleteColumn caused the worksheet to expands to the maximum column...

Released: Mar 8, 2020

Updates in 5.x


  • Support all Excel 2019 chart types with the new, modern styling.
  • Insert/Delete ranges in worksheets and rows/cols in tables.
  • Extended support for Pivot tables - Filters, calculated columns, support for shared caches, auto sort and "Show Value As" on data fields.
  • Pivot table- and table- slicers.
  • Custom table-, pivot table- and slicer styles.
  • Pivot table styling via pivot areas.
  • Improvements of the formula calculation engine and 147 new supported functions.
  • Threaded comments with support...