EPPlus Releases

Released: May 28, 2024

Updates in v7.1.3


  • DXF styles on tables got corrupt if a style contained an alignment and border element.
  • When calculating formulas, you could get a CircularReferenceException, if a formula referenced a non-existing worksheet.
  • Conditional formatting's with the pivot flag set was incorrectly handled if they had no worksheet address set.
  • Clearing data validations on cells, could cause an exception when trying to add new data validations to these cells.
  • Conditional formatting icon sets now handles all operators...

Released: Apr 23, 2024

Updates in v7.1.2


  • Defined Names with ' " ' symbols no longer get extraneous ' " ' added when saving in EPPlus.
  • Reading RichText data on in-line strings now works as expected.
  • Negations of Defined Names and Ranges in shared formulas sometimes received the wrong sign in the calculation as the negation flag was not cleared.
  • 'ExcelRangeBase.ToCollection()' auto-mapping sometimes threw an exception as the wrong property type was used.
  • Using 'ExcelRangeBse.LoadFromCollection()' with Nullable property members in a...

Released: Apr 8, 2024

Updates in v7.1.1


  • Added new Rotation, HorizontalFilp and VerticalFlip properties to ExcelShapeBase and ExcelPicture.
  • Added new SetColor() method to ExcelDxfColor.


  • Fixed an issue where RichText wasn't set properly on a multicell range.
  • Escape character before an apostrophe in date formats are no longer removed by EPPlus.
  • The GenericImageReader failed to read some jpeg/exif images.
  • Setting the TextBody.Rotation on Chart DataLabel's caused the workbook to become corrupt in some cases.
  • Fixed issue...

Released: Mar 27, 2024

Updates in v7.1.0


  • Improved HTMLExport - The HTML exporter can now export all conditional formatting's except icon sets and data bars and their priority order.
  • Improved performance on range rich text.
  • ExcelRangeBase.LoadFromCollection improvement - Number format for columns added via LoadFromCollection can now be set in runtime via the IExcelNumberFormatProvider interface.


  • Inserting rows would cause an exception to occur in formulas in rare cases.
  • Special signs such as ' when last in a formula would...

Released: Mar 11, 2024

Updates in v7.0.10


  • Having a workbook with group drawings in group drawings caused EPPlus to fail on load.
  • Having #REF with a sheet reference when inserting a Row/Column caused the formula to become corrupt.
  • Files from 7.0.6 and prior with Data Validations would sometimes fail to be read.
  • Data Validations with AlternateContent nodes are now read if the Fallback node contains formulas.
  • Some cultures would sometimes get double negative signs in the .Text property of cells.
  • Invalid characters in the name...

Released: Feb 15, 2024

Updates in v7.0.9


  • The formula tokenizer did not handle minus correctly before table addresses.
  • Inserting rows/columns could cause drawings to get a incorrect width/height.
  • Saving multiple times caused hyperlinks to multiply.
  • Saving multiple times caused dxf border styles for tables to become corrupt if set.
  • EPPlus can now handle up to 66 indexed colors.
  • VALUE function did not support multi-cell input.
  • Deleting the first worksheet in a workbook where IsWorksheets1Based is true no longer throws out of range...

Released: Jan 24, 2024

Updates in v7.0.8


  • Validation of VBA module names failed when containing a space.
  • Decryption of workbooks where the hash algorithm SHA1 was used sometimes failed.

Released: Jan 19, 2024

Updates in v7.0.7


  • Implicit intersection in formulas with full row or full column addresses incorrectly calculated to #VALUE.
  • Inserting in a range with a formula that has a table address with two parts, i.e. Table1[[#This Row],[column1], caused the formula to become corrupt.
  • Conditional formatting's with #REF addresses caused an Exception.
  • HeaderFooter - Fixed issue introduced 7.0.6 where RightAlignedText was set as CenterAlignedText.
  • Formula parser handled negation incorrectly in some cases before addresses...

Released: Jan 10, 2024

Updates in v7.0.6


  • Added new TextSettings property to set text fills, outlines and effects on chart elements to ExcelChartTitle, ExcelChartLegend, ExcelChartAxis and ExcelChartDatalabel.
  • Upgraded RecyclableMemoryStream to 3.0.0.
  • Improved performance when opening files with many defined names in Excel.
  • Added a check for maximum header and footer text length.


  • ToDataTable didn't handle RichText correctly when exporting values.
  • Calculation threw a NullReferenceException on calculating a copied worksheet...

Released: Dec 22, 2023

Updates in v7.0.5


  • Calculating formulas with expressions that had double cell negations, returned an incorrect result.
  • Calculating a formula that had a negation of an empty cell returned a #VALUE error.
  • Pivot table fields with a specified subtotal function sometimes caused the workbook to become corrupt.
  • Deleting a worksheet with hyperlinks that refers to an internal address caused an exception.