EPPlus Releases

Released: Nov 3, 2022

Updates in 6.1.x


Updated Jan 19, 2023


  • Fixed an issue with Roman function.
  • Fixed a performance issue with calculated table columns.
  • Having hyperlinks longer than 2079 characters resulted in a corrupt workbook. EPPlus will now crop hyperlinks over 2079 characters.
  • Date functions Month, Day, Hour,Second and DateDiff used InvariantCulture instead of CurrentCulture.
  • Checkboxes in the style dialog for named styles was not retained after a workbook was saved with EPPlus.
  • Iterating over a range with...

Released: Apr 12, 2022

Updates in 6.0.x


Updated Sep 21, 2022


  • Fixed issue with the DataValidations.Clear() method, where DataValidations were only removed from the collection classes in EPPlus but not removed from the underlying xml.
  • Fixed issue where inserting/deleting columns in the source of a pivot table sometimes caused the PivotTable to become corrupt.
  • Fixed issue with Png files without the pHYs chunk that failed to Add to the Drawings collection.
  • Adjusted the EPPlus source code to avoid validation errors from the...

Released: Oct 21, 2021

Updates in 5.8.x


Updated Aug 30, 2022


  • Copying comments sometimes did not change the name in the vml drawing causing OOXML validation to complain on duplicate drawings.
  • The count attribute on 'xsf' node in Styles.xml was not correctly set.
  • Setting drawing coordinates did not update the xml on save if ExcelPackage.DoAdjustDrawings was set to false.
  • IF function now handle errors correctly.
  • Referencing a worksheet to a cell address after a colon (for example 'sheet1'!a1:'sheet1'!A3) did not work...

Released: Mar 8, 2020

Updates in 5.x


  • Support all Excel 2019 chart types with the new, modern styling.
  • Insert/Delete ranges in worksheets and rows/cols in tables.
  • Extended support for Pivot tables - Filters, calculated columns, support for shared caches, auto sort and "Show Value As" on data fields.
  • Pivot table- and table- slicers.
  • Custom table-, pivot table- and slicer styles.
  • Pivot table styling via pivot areas.
  • Improvements of the formula calculation engine and 147 new supported functions.
  • Threaded comments with support...