EurekaLog Releases

Released: Nov 14, 2019

Updates in 7.8.x


Updated Nov 20, 2019


  • Compiled with RAD Studio 10.3 update 3 (10.3.3).


  • Options in .eof files are now sorted without locale (mostly for version control).


Updated Nov 14, 2019


  • Added: YouTrack support.
  • Added: Global resource tracking (with option).
  • Added: Selectable categories for resource tracking.
  • Added: "Log application's exits" option.
  • Added: New options for bug report content: UAC, evelation, admin, memory (RTL, RAM, private, virtual).
  • Added: Interfaces...

Released: Dec 3, 2018

Updates in v7.7.8.2

Updates in v7.7.8.2

  • Fixed: [Regression] Abstract error in TThreadEx / sending.
  • Fixed: [Regression] Adjusted sending timeouts.
  • Fixed: [Regression] Adding / removing EUREKALOG symbol to / from conditional defines for packages; please note that issue is still present on RAD Studio 2009, RAD Studio 2010 and RAD Studio XE - due to bugs in OpenTools API (OTA); issue is fixed for RAD Studio 2007 and earlier, and for RAD Studio XE2 and higher.

Released: Sep 10, 2018

Updates in v7.7.5


  • Added: Cleaning up call stack from EurekaLog's service calls for destructors.
  • Added: MailHeaderEncodeToStr function.
  • Added: SendSMTPClientAdditionalHeaders and SendSMTPServerAdditionalHeaders properties to TEurekaModuleOptions.
  • Added: AdditionalHeaders virtual method in SMTP sender class (for custom headers, like CC/BCC, priority, etc.).
  • Added: Support for '"Name" <>' format in e-mail addresses.
  • Added: Support for EMailSender.AttachedFiles.AddObject...