About ExpertComponents Toolkit Total

Add charting, PDF and Excel spreadsheet creation to your applications.

ExpertComponents Toolkit Total includes ExpertXLS Excel Library, ExpertChart, Pdf Creator, HtmlToPdf, PdfToText, Pdf Merger, Pdf Splitter, Pdf Viewer, Rtf To PDf, Pdf Security and Img Extractor. ExpertPDF SplitPDF allows you to extract a range of pages from a PDF document. You can also split the PDF document into a number of chunks, each chunk containing a specified number of pages. ExpertPDF MergePDF lets you easily combine your existing documents and images into a single PDF file. ExpertPDF HtmlToPdf Converter offers the ability to convert HTML pages to PDF on the fly. ExpertChart is an ASP.NET charting control that includes more than 25 chart types. ExpertXLS Excel Library for .NET can enable your application to create new Excel documents from scratch or to edit existing Excel documents. The ExpertXLS Excel Library for .Net offers support both for Excel 97-2003 format (.xls) and for Excel 2007 (.xlsx) format.

ExpertPDF PDF Viewer

The PDF Viewer control for Windows Forms .NET can be linked into any Windows Forms application to add pdf visualization and manipulation capabilities to your software.

With ExpertPDF PDF Viewer for .NET you can display PDF files into your Windows Forms, navigate the document, print, etc. Integration is extremely easy. Adobe Acrobat Reader is required.


  • .NET user control and samples
  • Display PDF documents in WinForms applications
  • Navigate and print documents
  • Royalty free development libraries and samples

ExpertPDF HTMLToPDF Converter Library for .NET can be used as general purpose component for converting web pages and HTML code to PDF documents or it can be used to easily create PDF reports directly from ASP.NET pages to benefit from the great power of standard ASP.NET databound server controls.

The converter can convert the web pages to PDF documents with selectable texts and objects or to PDF documents with an embedded image. You can add footers and headers to the rendered document, set the page size, page orientation and PDF compression level.

The library can be used from any .NET application (Windows forms, ASP.NET Web sites or command line tools).

Main features:

  • Directly convert an URL to a PDF file
  • Convert an HTML string to PDF
  • Convert to PDF from a file saved on disk
  • Capture the PDF byte stream
  • Set the text and appearance of the PDF header and footer
  • Set page number options
  • Set PDF compression level
  • Set PDF page type
  • Dynamically append an existing PDF file to the newly exported PDF file/stream
  • Show/hide headers/footers
  • Set page margins
  • Change page orientation (portrait, landscape)
  • Customize header (add images, change height, change fonts, colors)
  • Customize footer (add images, change height, change fonts, colors)

ExpertPDF MergePDF - If you need a ready to use tool for combing your documents and images you can use the command line utility. It allows you to specify the merge elements in any order with a simple syntax.

If you need to add PDF merge capabilities in your .NET application, either Windows Forms or ASP.NET, you can use the .NET library.

Main features:

  • .NET PDF merge development libraries and samples
  • Win32 PDF merge command line tool
  • Merge PDF documents
  • Merge images in any format with PDF files
  • Merge text files with PDF files
  • Merge HTML files with PDF files
  • ASP.NET Support

ExpertPDF SplitPDF Features

  • .NET PDF split development libraries and samples
  • Win32 PDF split command line tool
  • Split PDF documents
  • Count the number of pages from a PDF document
  • Extract specific pages from a PDF document
  • Extract pages to disk or memory stream
  • ASP.Net Support

The rendered PDF compression level can be set via the following properties:

  • AboveNormal - Better compression but takes more time to compress 
  • BelowNormal - Between normal and BestSpeed compressions 
  • Best Use - The best compression but takes more time to compress 
  • BestSpeed - The compression speed is high but the compression percentage is low 
  • NoCompression - Does not do any compression 
  • Normal Use - Normal compression, a balance between compression speed and resulted size

ExpertPDF Pdf Creator - Add PDF creation, HTML to PDF conversion and RTF to PDF conversion to your applications. ExpertPDF Pdf Creator SDK is a .NET library that can be used for PDF encryption and digital signatures, bookmarks and more. You can add text and image elements to PDF documents and templates, render multipage images (TIFF) to PDF and add graphic elements like lines, rectangles, ellipses, circles and Bezier curves. ExpertPDF Pdf Creator SDK also lets you set PDF document permissions (print, edit, copy), set user and owner passwords and add digital signatures.

ExpertChart General Features :

  • .NET Framework support
  • ASP.NET DataSource support
  • 2D and 3D rendering of charts
  • Legend Box
  • ToolTips
  • Full Design-Time support
  • Titles Customizations
  • Customizable title font
  • Axis' Name Labels
  • Custom color pallets

Axis Features

  • Automatic and user defined scale range
  • Automatic and user defined axis tickmarks
  • Display grid lines
  • Change axis labels color and font
  • Change axis line thickness and color


  • Multi-color legend entry icons
  • User-friendly legend support
  • Design Time support for Legend
  • Customizable Legend Font
  • Customizable Legend Position
  • Customizable Legend border and margins

Chart Types

  • Bars (vertical, horizontal, stacked, full-stacked)
  • 3D Bars (vertical, horizontal, stacked, full-stacked)
  • Cylinders
  • Horizontal 2D and 3D Bars
  • Pie 2D and 3D
  • Doughnut 2D and 3D
  • Line (simple, 3D, stacked).
  • Curves
  • Surfaces (simple. series, stacked, full-stacked)
  • Radar


  • Chart Click Event handling

ExpertXLS Excel Library for .NET is a .NET managed assembly and does not depend on Microsoft Office Excel. The library can also be used from ASP.NET applications running in more restrictive environments like servers where the trust level for the ASP.NET application was restricted to Medium Trust by the server administrator.

Integration is extremely easy and no additional installation is necessary in order to get started. The library is delivered as a strong named assembly that can be directly referenced by your project. The downloaded archive contains C# and VB.NET samples for ASP.NET and Windows Forms and the complete API documentation.

ExpertXLS Excel Library for .NET Features

  • Easy integration, no installation or setup is necessary
  • Deployed as single strong named .NET assembly
  • Can be used from any .NET application (ASP.NET, Windows Forms, WPF)
  • Does not depend on Microsoft Office Excel
  • Can run in Medium Trust environments (like shared hosting)
  • Can run on 32-bit and 64-bit Windows servers
  • Create new Excel documents or edit existing Excel documents
  • Support for Excel 97-2003 (.xls) and Excel 2007 (.xlsx) formats
  • Load a workbook from a stream or from a file
  • Save a workbook to a stream or to a file
  • Load data from CSV files and save data to CSV format
  • Load data from a .NET DataTable or save data to a DataTable object
  • Add chart shapes or chart worksheets to a workbook
  • Add formulas and array formulas to a worksheet
  • Add global styles to a workbook
  • Advanced support for Excel 2007 gradients and textures
  • Add named ranges at worksheet or workbook level
  • Add images to a worksheet
  • Add hyperlinks and comments to a worksheet
  • Support for data validation
  • Support for workbook windows and structure protection
  • Support for worksheet data protection
  • Read and write password protection for .xls workbooks
  • Support for worksheet page setup - headers, footers, size, margins, orientation
  • Support for workbook properties - author, subject, comments