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ExpertPDF SplitPDF allows you to extract a range of pages from a PDF document. You can also split the PDF document into a number of chunks, each chunk containing a specified number of pages. ExpertPDF SplitPDF includes a ready to use command line utility for splitting and extracting your PDF documents and a .NET library for adding PDF split capabilities to your .NET and ASP.NET applications.


  • .NET PDF split development libraries and samples
  • PDF split command line tool
  • Split PDF documents
  • Count the number of pages from a PDF document
  • Extract specific pages from a PDF document
  • Extract pages to disk or memory stream
  • ASP.Net Support

The rendered PDF compression level can be set via the following properties:

  • AboveNormal - Better compression but takes more time to compress 
  • BelowNormal - Between normal and BestSpeed compressions 
  • Best Use - The best compression but takes more time...

Latest News

ExpertPDF updated
ExpertPDF updated
April 4, 2023New Version
Adds .NET 7 support and improves performance.

Prices from: $ 245.00

Developer License - One software license is required per developer per application. A Developer License must be purchased for each developer utilizing the component. Run-time royalty free for one...

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