ExpressGridPack 19.2.3

Released: Dec 24, 2019

Updates in 19.2.3


All VCL products

  • A bar manager displays drop-down trees of all its TdxBarTreeViewCombo items as top-level windows at design time
  • An error occurs on compiling the dxExpressionEditorHelper unit if the "Emit runtime type information" compiler option is enabled
  • Compile errors occur if the "Code inlining control" option is set to Auto in compiler settings

ExpressEditors Library

  • A calculated field's expression that references an FMTBcd field cannot be evaluated
  • A keystroke pressed after a click in the list displayed by the Excel-inspired filter dropdown's Values page does not select a corresponding item
  • An AV occurs on destroying a grid View or container control whose search criteria are specified via the FindCriteria.Text property
  • An Excel-inspired filter dropdown raises the "Could not convert variant of type (Null) into type (Integer)" exception when activating the Values page for a data item whose cells display only blank
  • Controls whose AutoSize property is set to True incorrectly size in certain cases if they include a TcxCustomEdit descendant
  • cxComboBox does not repaint a touch-friendly scrollbar in its drop-down list filtered by incremental filtering in Windows 7 when the editor's Properties.DropDownListStyle property is not set to lsEditList
  • cxLabel whose Transparent property is set to True is painted with the black background on the Windows Aero Glass frame enabled via a form's GlassFrame property
  • Documentation - The list of Grid Mode limitations in the TcxLookupComboBoxProperties.GridMode topic is not complete
  • TcxCustomComboBox descendants do not format the text displayed in their drop-down windows using the StyleFocused property settings specified via the TcxDefaultEditStyleController or TcxEditStyleController component
  • TcxCustomTextEdit descendants display underscores ( _ ) instead of ampersands ( & ) if the Properties.Alignment.Horz property is set to taRightJustify or taCenter
  • TcxMCListBox - The "Control has no parent window" exception occurs when scrolling the content vertically if the BidiMode property is set to bdRightToLeft
  • TcxSpinButton does not change the associated control's edit value with the mouse wheel
  • TdxFormattedLabel - The component editor's "RTF Editor" page incorrectly displays a caption that begins with '[Color=Black]' if the editor's Style.TextColor property is not set to clBlack

ExpressLayout Control

  • A splitter does not resize an item between two other items to the left and right or top and bottom if their AlignHorz property is set to ahClient and ahLeft, or their AlignVert property is set to avClient and avTop, respectively
  • An embedded control within a scrollable group is displayed partially when scrollbars disappear due to size increase
  • If a layout item's CaptionOptions.Width property value is less than a word's length within the item's caption, the wrapped portion of the word is drawn on top of the following word within the same caption

ExpressPrinting System

  • Print Preview - The Advanced dialog displays blanks in the Zoom combo box for any custom zoom level
  • RichEdit Control Report Link - Printing large rotated images causes the "Invalid operation in GDI+" exception if the control's LayoutUnit property is set to TdxDocumentLayoutUnit.Twip
  • RichEdit Control Report Link prints distorted text in certain cases
  • Spreadsheet Report Link prints dashed lines for cell borders in certain cases if the OptionsView property value includes ssovGridLines

ExpressQuantumGrid Suite

  • Column headers do not adjust their height to fit the images specified via a column's HeaderGlyph or HeaderImageIndex property
  • Grid Report Link - Master-Detail - The report includes only pages that display one or more master rows once the first visible detail View is paginated
  • Master-Detail - A bound dataset's First or Last method does not navigate between master records while any detail View is expanded
  • Master-Detail - An AV occurs on calling the DataController.ClearDetails method of the master View whose OptionsView.ExpandButtonsForEmptyDetails property is set to False if a detail View at the third or a deeper hierarchy level is focused

ExpressQuantumTreeList Suite

  • TcxDBTreeList - A column whose Properties property is unassigned does not align its cell content according to a bound field's Alignment property setting in certain cases

ExpressSkins Library

  • TheBezier skin - The Ribbon Application Button's caption blends with the background if TdxBarApplicationMenu is assigned to the button's Menu property and the skin uses a light-colored palette


  • A drag-and-drop operation that moves a merged cell incorrectly displays the potential drop position if this operation does not start with the cell referenced by the merged cell object's ActiveCell property
  • An AV occurs on opening an XLSX file via a generated UI in certain cases if this UI includes the TdxSpreadSheetPaperSizeGallery, TdxSpreadSheetPageMarginsGallery, or TdxSpreadSheetPageOrientationGallery command
  • An AV occurs when a control embedded into TdxBarControlContainerItem opens an XLSX file via the spreadsheet control's LoadFrom~ method call