ExpressQuantumPack 18.2.6

March 28, 2019

Updates in 18.2.6


ExpressEditors Library

  • Checking an item in a filter dropdown found in the Grid, Tree List, and Vertical Grid controls does not remove the filter condition that corresponds to the (NonBlanks) item from the filter criteria.
  • TcxRichEdit -  Text formatting attributes are discarded on changing the Enabled property value.
  • TcxDBCombobox ignores TField DisplayFormat.
  • TcxRichEdit scales badly on dpi change.

ExpressPrinting System

  • Grid Report Link - Chart View - View's content is scaled twice on report generation if the monitor DPI differs from 96.
  • Header and Footer sizes are much smaller than in preview.
  • Scheduler Report Link - An AV occurs on printing an event whose State property value is not equal to the global tlsBusy, tlsFree, tlsOutOfOffice, or tlsTentative constant.
  • The "Could not convert variant of type (Array Byte) into type (double)" exception can occur on an attempt to build a report with a Grid View that has at least one column with cxRichEdit in-place cell editors.

ExpressQuantumGrid Suite

  • All Views except Chart - It is impossible to change an in-place editor value if both the View's OptionsBehavior.AlwaysShowEditor and editor's Properties.ImmediatePost properties are True.
  • Can not make rule with appling to invisible column.
  • cxTrackBar - Dragging an in-place track bar's thumbnail has no effect.
  • Layout View - An AV occurs on an attempt to change the OptionsView.ScrollBars property value if the View is stored within the TcxGridViewRepository component.
  • Navigate Detail View - do not scroll automatically vertical.
  • Table and Banded Table Views - A multiselect check box within the indicator cell of the first bottom-aligned pinned data row is positioned incorrectly.
  • Table and Banded Table Views - Posting a value into a column whose Properties.UseLeftAlignmentOnEditing property is set to True aligns both this and all the following values to the column's left border.
  • TcxCustomDropDownEdit and descendants - An in-place editor's dropdown window is incorrectly positioned if the parent column's OnInitPopup event handler updates the Grid's layout.

ExpressQuantumTreeList Suite

  • Clicking a node while holding down the Shift key to extend selection and paints only this node selected if the tree list's OptionsSelection.MultiSelect property is set to True.
  • Painting artifacts when activating an in-place editor for a partially visible cell after scrolling the content horizontally while another in-place editor is active.
  • TcxDBTreeList - An AV occurs on posting data to the top visible node if the bound dataset is in edit mode.
  • TcxVirtualTreeList - A node cannot be dropped to any parent node of its parent if the tree list's OptionsData.SmartLoad property is set to True.
  • The tree list whose OptionsSelection.CellSelect property is set to False incorrectly repaints its content on pressing the Down Arrow key when the last visible node is focused.


  • A Tab key press does not complete an entry in an in-place cell editor if it does not currently display the Formula AutoComplete drop-down window.
  • An AV occurs on deleting a worksheet with formula expressions that include built-in functions with cell value lookup functionality.
  • An AV occurs on generating an AutoFill pattern for a target cell range that includes at least one cell containing an empty string.
  • Built-in functions with cell value lookup functionality recalculate slowly in response to cell data changes.
  • Certain cell background styles are incorrectly loaded from an XLSX document.
  • Formula Bar - The edit box incorrectly interacts with an input method editor (IME).
  • Removing a worksheet does not remove a reference to it from a defined name's Scope property value.
  • The "Argument out of range" exception occurs on calling a worksheet's ConditionalFormatting.Clear procedure to remove all conditional formatting rules from the worksheet if the action history is enabled.
  • The "H2219 Private symbol 'SetSelectionMode' declared but never used" hint is displayed when compiling the dxSpreadSheetCore.pas unit with RAD Studio Delphi XE2 or an older IDE.
  • The conditional formatting controller evaluates the "Duplicate Values" and "Unique Values" rules very slowly if they target an entire column or row with one or more blank cells.
  • The control does not load a comment whose bounding rectangle is omitted in an XLS file.