About Gantt Time Package VCL Edition

Include sophisticated time management capability in your applications.

The Gantt time package is a collection of user interface components which handles time blocks. The time blocks are displayed in a Gantt chart or a schema view. The times are connected to an owner, for example a person or an activity in a project. You can also use it to display dependencies and collisions between times, which gives the end user a graphical way to view and modify the project.

What's New in V3.2:


  • TimeItem Style on Layer
  • Schema OnUserDraw, Extension
  • Added sample showing BA schema


  • SetSubComponent on GA, Grid, Scaler and tree; easier VCL design
  • StartDrag of GT less sensitive

phGrid (UseGrid in phGantt and standalone in VCL)

  • Added event for user rendering of time (while not in edit mode)
  • GetGridCellSelected/SetGridCellSelected ; Extension ContextSensitiveSubGrid, so that you have different subgrids in same column
  • ShowLinesTree


  • Added Native VCL printing
  • OnKeyDown; event on components
  • Double scaling in print

What's New in V3.0

phSchema and phGant

  • Multi page print support; OnPrintToHdcNewPage
  • DateScaler hide individual hours; Stop wasting space on night time if all your data is day time
  • DateScaler hide individual days; Stop wasting space on Sundays if all your data is Monday to Saturday
  • New DateScaler indicator type; Sober - a nicer look
  • New DateScaler ScaleLookAndFeel; Classic, Boxed
  • New DateScaler ScaleScrollButtons; Classic, Small, Off
  • New DateScaler event to control user scale zooming; OnLimitScaling
  • DateScale ScaleMinStart property; limit the end users first visible date
  • DateScale ScaleMaxStop property; limit the end users last visible date
  • AnimateScaleTransition; aesthetically pleasing functionality
  • New method to simplify grid handling: GridRowIndexToTreeNode
  • Help file with sample code


  • Vertical text in DateScaler; improved appearance, easier to read
  • OnCollisionDetect event; Same as on the phGant
  • SetText,GetText on time items
  • Control Color of texts; TextFont1...3Color
  • DateToPixel
  • PixelToDate
  • PixelToSchemaTime
  • SchemaTimeToRect
  • PixelToColumn
  • ColumnToRect


  • Time item links new LinkStartFinishOption; Normal, SS, SF, FS, FF
  • GetRect on IphGantRow3

Whats new in V2.5

  • .NET - The phGantTimePackage has been tested in .NET. A C-sharp sample is provided
  • Virtual load - Virtual load makes the Gantt load and unload rows as they are needed. This will dramatically increase speed for large sets of data
  • Optimizations - V2.0 contained some un-linearitys witch showed up when filling the grid with thousands of rows. These have been dealt with and the response to key navigation and scrolling does not suffer from the total amount of rows. But if you want to fill the Gantt, and have it respond really fast you should use virtual load
  • OnPrintRescaleFonts - Scaling of fonts when it comes to printing is never easy. This event will help you to get full control of your printouts or rendered jpegs
  • OnCollisionDetect - The phGantTimePackage has from the very beginning had the possibility to detect collisions and split colliding time items. In this version we have, on user demand, added an event so that you can react to collisions as they happen or are resolved
  • NumericSort - It is always a nuisance when you sort a list and the string 10 comes before 1. A lot of code is written every day to keep this from happening. In the Gantt you can simply switch on NumericSort for the columns that you want correctly numerically sorted
  • Aligning of texts - Lots of new properties let you control the look of the grid within the Gantt. Align the text both horizontally and vertically, control the framing of each cell and more
  • MouseMoveMode - When you want to keep hints up to date while the user is dragging or resizing, it has been, up till now, hard to get the exact start, stop and length times involved. This was because when the user drags or resizes times he or she is in the and not in the infinite high-resolution date-time-space. It is only when the user is done with the operation that the phGantTimePackage converts the pixel-space coordinates to date-time-space with help from the snapping values that you provide. To make the hint calculation exact you should take into accordance the value of the new property MouseMoveMode