Gantt Time Package VCL Edition

The Gantt time package is a collection of user interface components which handles time blocks. The time blocks are displayed in a Gantt chart or a schema view. The times are connected to an owner, for example a person or an activity in a project. You can also use it to display dependencies and collisions between times, which gives the end user a graphical way to view and modify the project.

What's New in V3.2:


  • TimeItem Style on Layer
  • Schema OnUserDraw, Extension
  • Added sample showing BA schema


  • SetSubComponent on GA, Grid, Scaler and tree; easier VCL design
  • StartDrag of GT less sensitive

phGrid (UseGrid in phGantt and standalone in VCL)

  • Added event for user rendering of time (while not in edit mode)
  • GetGridCellSelected/SetGridCellSelected ; Extension ContextSensitiveSubGrid, so that you have different subgrids in same column
  • ShowLinesTree


  • Added Native VCL printing...

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