GroupDocs.Classification for .NET

GroupDocs.Classification for .NET is a document and text classification API for C#, ASP.NET, VB.NET, J# or any other .NET based application. Developers can work with four different types of taxonomies to perform advanced classification, either by using IAB-2 for assigning standardized text categories to text, document taxonomy developed by Aspose for different document types or Sentiment (and Sentiment3) for sentiment analysis. The library analyses text, sentences, even words and supports classifying a variety of industry standard document formats including PDF, Microsoft Word, OpenDocument, RTF and text. Sentiment analysis (classification) supports English, Chinese, Spanish, and German languages with language auto-detection. GroupDocs.Classification for .NET uses its own document processing engine and does not require any external tools be installed on the system.

Supported File Formats

Microsoft Office


Other Formats

  • Fixed Layout: PDF
  • OpenDocument: ODT, OTT
  • Text: TXT

GroupDocs.Classification for .NET Features

  • Different types of classification support, including sentiment analysis, documents, and IAB classification.
  • Perform Raw Text Classification with IAB‑2, Documents, Sentiment, or Sentiment3 taxonomies.
  • Sentiment analysis capabilities that enable businesses to analyze the emotional tone of text for English...

Latest News

GroupDocs.Classification for .NET V20.11
GroupDocs.Classification for .NET V20.11
November 23, 2020New Version
Improves Sentiment Classification performance.
GroupDocs.Classification for .NET V20.10
GroupDocs.Classification for .NET V20.10
October 7, 2020New Version
Adds support for Spanish and German languages.
GroupDocs.Classification for .NET V20.6
GroupDocs.Classification for .NET V20.6
June 24, 2020New Version
Improves performance of sentiment classification analysis.
GroupDocs.Classification for .NET V20.5
GroupDocs.Classification for .NET V20.5
May 21, 2020New Version
Adds Chinese language support to Sentiment Classification Analysis.
GroupDocs.Classification for .NET V20.3
GroupDocs.Classification for .NET V20.3
March 27, 2020New Version
Improves speed of raw text classification.

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