Productive, easy to use, flexible and above all affordable

ohalasehJordan5 star

We’ve been on the look for a while for the best available zero footprint HTML5 based universal document viewer that we can OEM and use within our ImageLinks document management system. We compared more than 10 products evaluating their technology, supported document formats, features and licensing scheme. We are very excited to have finally found GroupDocs.Viewer from Aspose.

We tried GroupDocs.Viewer for .NET since our document management system ImageLinks is Microsoft technology based but at the same time we wanted to keep the door open for other platforms such as Java in case there was a need for our other Java based and open source products. Luckily GroupDocs has support for both.

GroupDocs.Viewer supports all of the documents types that we are interested in specially AutoCAD drawings DXF and DWG to support document management and control for the construction industry.

As a starting point and for our immediate needs, the basic imaging features of GroupDocs.Viewer are very useful. These features include: navigation, zoom, rotation, printing and downloading in original format in addition to the ability to add watermarks.

Aspose GroupDocs’ suite offers other valuable features that you can get as you grow to expand your product features or for your projects when there is a need. These features include:
- GroupDocs.Annotation API for annotation and markup tools.
- GroupDocs.Signature API for e-signing capabilities.
- GroupDocs.Conversion API to convert documents to 50+ different formats.
- GroupDocs.Comparison API to quickly allow users to compare and merge documents.
- GroupDocs.Assembly API to automate creating documents from templates and application datasource.
- GroupDocs.Search API to help in performing various search operations.

Aspose GroupDocs license options were a major factor in our GroupDocs.Viewer selection process. The license scheme is so flexible and affordable for budget product such as ours where we needed a single developer OEM License that will not dramatically affect our overall price to our customers. In addition all extra features beyond the basic GroupDocs.Viewer API can be licensed when need arises and based on our product roadmap progress.

The development process to integrate GroupDocs.Viewer both client and server side is extremely easy. We seamlessly integrated the backend .NET API with our code specially integrating with the API that streams the document bytes into our storage which in our case can be on the same server/storage or via ftp protocol into a different server. The front end viewer was easily integrated with our single-page HTML5/JavaScript document management system and with the UI customization features were able to have the same look and feel as if GroupDocs.Viewer is part of our product.

We highly recommend Aspose GroupDocs suite of APIs, productive, easy to use, flexible and above all affordable.