JavaScript data grid that looks and feels like a spreadsheet.

Published by Handsoncode
Distributed by ComponentSource since 2016

Prices from: $ 774.20 Version: 7.4.2 Updated: Feb 19, 2020


Handsontable is the new name for Handsontable Pro.

Handsontable Releases

Released: Feb 19, 2020

Updates in V7.4.2


  • Fixed an issue where the cell value could not be edited on mobile devices.
  • Fixed an issue where white lines appeared at the bottom of cell headers.
  • Fixed a bug, where resizing the window (while using Angular) would result in Handsontable not stretching properly and throwing an error.

Released: Feb 12, 2020

Updates in V7.4.0


  • Fixed problem where the onCellMouseUp hook was fired for all mouse buttons except the right mouse button, which was not consistent with the onCellMouseDown hook. To make the changes more consistent with the native dblclick event (which is triggered only for the left mouse button), the onCellDblClick and onCellCornerDblClick hooks were modified to also fire only for the left mouse button.
  • Fixed a bug with numbers not being presented properly in the pt_BR culture setting.
  • Updated moment...

Released: Dec 12, 2019

Updates in V7.3.0


  • uiContainer for contextMenu plugin - Allows the user to add a reference to a DOM element serving as a container in which the whole Context Menu element is placed. This is useful when Handsontable is instantiated in an iframe or other element that trimms the content. Before the change, the area of an element was always trimmed. Now, after pointnig to a specific container, the element no longer slips under the frame.


  • Fixed a problem with table resizing on every scroll event on...

Released: Oct 23, 2019

Updates in V7.2.2


  • Rolled back backward-incompatible changes in the TypeScript definition file introduced in 7.2.0.
  • Fixed a problem, where the Handsontable.helper.htmlToGridSettings threw an error on IE11, when the target table was a part of an iframe.

Released: Oct 16, 2019

Updates in V7.2.1


  • Fix a problem which made the move/resize handles hidden under the headers.

Released: Oct 15, 2019

Updates in V7.2.0


  • Added cellProperties to search queryMethod arguments. It's now possible to tell what kind of data is being queried.
  • Improved TypeScript definition file.
  • Improved documentation and definition files regarding after- hooks for creating and removing rows/columns.
  • Improved documentation for the totalColumn option.
  • Added a lint:fix script to be able to fix lint errors from the CLI.


  • Fixed a bug with a disappearing column header, when the height option is was set to auto.
  • Fixed a problem...

Released: Aug 12, 2019

Updates in V7.1.1


  • Refactored the Walkontable table renderers.
  • Removed the yarn.lock file from the repository and updated the Node version in the Travis configuration file.
  • Added a missing rootInstanceSymbol property to Handsontable to allow using new Handsontable.Core properly.
  • Fixed a bug where copying/pasting/deleting data for autocomplete-type cells caused an error to be thrown.
  • Refactored the Custom Borders plugin to resolve problems with its performance.
  • Optimized the use of arrays for the V8 engine in...

Released: Jun 11, 2019

Updates in V7.1.0


  • Added a new feature that allows users to parse HTML tables into Handsontable settings and Handsontable instances to plain HTML tables. This change introduces these new API methods:
    • Handsontable.helper.instanceToHTML: (instance: Handsontable.Core) => string – parses the provided Handsontable instance to an HTML table as a string
    • Handsontable.helper.htmlToGridSettings(element: Element | string, rootDocument?: Document) => Handsontable.DefaultSettings – analyzes a static HTML table...

Released: May 13, 2019

Updates in V7.0.3


  • Updated several dependencies to remove security vulnerabilities thrown by npm audit.
  • Removed eval() from the formula-parser module to fulfill Content-Security-Policy.


  • Fixed skipRowOnPaste option to work the same way as skipColumnOnPaste and added it to the documentation.
  • Fixed font inconsistency in the dropdown menu.
  • Fixed a problem with the manualColumnResize option not working properly alongside fixedColumnsLeft.
  • Fixed a problem with the TextEditor not resizing the input field...

Released: Apr 8, 2019

Updates in V7.0.1


  • Replaced "fixed" positioning of row/column resize handles with "absolute" to prevent misalignment issues in implementations based on CSS transform.
  • Updated webpack to version 4.
  • Added core-js to Handsontable’s dependencies.
  • Added a ghost-table attribute to all cell elements generated with Ghost Table.


  • Fixed the LICENSE.txt file link in README.md.
  • Fixed a problem with Handsontable throwing errors on scroll by adding support for EventListenerOption in the EventManager.
  • Fixed a bug...