Help & Manual Basic Releases

Released: Mar 22, 2021

Updates in 8.3.1 Build 5794


  • PDF Export - In the manual designer, the Tables section only had a 'new page' break option. Now all Table sections support 'new odd page' and 'new even page' as well.
  • Robohelp Import - Help+Manual now supports multiple Robohelp-TOCs and multiple keyword files.
  • Workspaces
    • When opening a workspace with multiple projects, the projects no longer open with a fully expanded TOC, but are expanded on a project level.
    • You can now rearrange the order of multiple projects within a workspace by...

Released: Jan 22, 2021

Updates in 8.3.0 Build 5750


  • Improved handling of Asian fonts.
    • Added a new global option to automatically translate Asian font names when a project or topic is loaded.
    • Chinese characters in style names are now supported.
  • eWriter eBooks: updated viewer application, now supports <track> tags for video subtitles.
  • Inline Text Toggles support optional icons.
  • Image Shortcuts Gallery: the drop-down image gallery load method has been modified to better distribute the load time when accessing remote drives.
  • Equations...

Released: Oct 17, 2020

Updates in 8.2.1 Build 5670


  • WEBP Image Format - Help+Manual natively supports the WEBP image format. You can use WEBP as regular images or toggle images.
  • Copy & Paste Operations - When pasting images from the clipboard into a topic and saving it in PNG format, the alpha-transparency of the clipboard image is preserved. In addition to this, you can copy & paste image files from Microsoft Windows Explorer into a topic. You can now copy & paste transparent images from SnagIt by using the “Paste HTML...

Released: Sep 3, 2020

Updates in 8.2.0 Build 5520


  • Project Synchronize - User defined variables, topic status and custom builds are now synchronized.
  • PDF - Added a new option to print links with a specified color but optionally no underline in PDF Layout.
  • Insert HTML Code dialog - This dialog now has dedicated support for static HTML code, merge of external HTML files and web URLs.
  • PDF Manual Designer - The “Tables” section now supports page breaks.
  • Added the ability to disable automatic calculation in Project Statistics (project...

Released: May 24, 2020

Updates in 8.1.0 Build 5536


  • Improved Saving Screenshots - Save dialog for screenshots is now 10 to 50 times faster than before.
  • Optional Password for Floating Licenses - The Floating License Manager has been updated with a password/PIN code function. This is an additional security layer, which can be applied to a pool of floating licenses by the administrator.
  • Faster loading when printing large JPEG images.
  • The function to print a single topic has been improved.
  • Improved dialog to pin a floating license for...

Released: Apr 21, 2020

Updates in 8.0.3 Build 5500


  • Link lists with Inline Option - Added an inline option to publish a list of links as comma-separated text, instead of a classic list.
  • Admin Tool: Change File Associations - The View tab has a button to start a new tool, that sets, changes or removes file associations in Windows. A file association tells Windows which program to start when you double click, for instance, a file with the extension .HMXZ. These file associations are automatically set by the installer. For admins who...

Released: Mar 29, 2020

Updates in 8.0.2 Build 5475


  • Design-time comments: when a comment was displayed as an icon only, it could not easily be double-clicked for editing. Double-click editing for icon-only comments has been improved.


  • Bug fix for the customize-bullet-list dialog.
  • Error message “Invalid characters in path” fixed.

Released: Mar 23, 2020

Updates in 8.0.2 Build 5473


  • DeepL translation plugin: Japanese and Chinese Simplified are now supported.


  • Data Loss with Topic Status Change - Version 8.0.2 fixes a bug related to topic-status changes that can cause data loss: if the topic status was changed for multiple topics at once, those topics that had been edited before (and were yet not saved) lost their content. This bug also triggered a problem with the table of contents, a warning appeared that the table of contents could not be stored.
  • eWriter...

Released: Feb 28, 2020

Updates in 8.0.1 Build 5461


  • Improved Topic Editor performance.
  • eWriter eBook Viewer now includes an additional command line option to show the eBook window on top of other windows.
  • The configuration for the eBook menu now has an option to specify the color of the application menu button.
  • The eBook Viewer app is no longer signed. This is an intentional change, because the signature of the executable is invalid anyway, when packed with HTML data.


  • An optical viewer glitch on very large monitors has been fixed...

Released: Feb 15, 2020

Updates in 8.0.0 Build 5452


  • The eWriter Viewer app is now included in the distribution of Help+Manual, no separate installation required.
  • Bugfix toggle images: left/right aligned toggle images without image caption were not correctly positioned in Webhelp.
  • Bugfix PDF: some OLE objects could have caused an error during PDF export.
  • Optical glitch with text conditions on high-res monitors fixed.
  • New setting in Program Options to manually specify the link to HelpXplain.
  • Batch compilations: extra message about maintenance...