UltraEdit Suite

Includes four powerful, integrated applications: UltraEdit, UltraCompare, UltraFinder, and UltraFTP.

Published by UltraEdit
Distributed by ComponentSource since 2013

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Please note that UltradEdit and UltraCompare for Windows, Mac and Linux are now included in the License price.

UltraEdit Suite Releases

Released: Aug 16, 2023

Updates in UltraEdit v2023.1


  • Improved detection and highlighting of URLs in source files.
  • Enhanced large file mode:
    • Move all large file settings to a common location.
    • Easily customize large file optimizations.
    • Enable/disable line numbers, code folding, Intellitips and more.
  • Added new 'Replace once' functionality to Find/Replace dialog.
  • Environment variables are now supported for default backup directory.
  • Microsoft PowerShell terminal font can now be customized.
  • Improved detection of PowerShell scripts.
  • A standard...

Released: May 31, 2023

Updates in UltraCompare v2023.0


  • File merge UI enhancements:
    • Added merge buttons for each difference.
    • Improved visibility of difference blocks.
  • Folder mode enhancements:
    • Added hash compare options: CRC, MD5, SHA1 and SHA256.
    • Added timestamp compare options: Modified, Accessed and Created.
  • Added new ignore options:
    • File extensions.
    • Daylight savings.
    • Timestamp range.
  • You can now compare arbitrary column ranges between two files.
    • Supports multiple arbitrary column sets.
  • Folder session display and filter option defaults...

Released: Apr 24, 2023

Updates in UltraEdit v2023.0


  • Application scripting update
    • Added modern JavaScript support and full browser capabilities.
    • Added legacy JavaScript support by default for full backwards compatibility.
  • Dockable Microsoft PowerShell terminal
    • Added dockable windows, which can be placed anywhere as a floating window or docked in any orientation.
    • You can now execute any valid shell commands.
    • You can now edit and run PowerShell scripts from the ribbon.
    • You can now run selected portions of PowerShell scripts.
  • Enhanced live...

Released: Jan 20, 2023

Updates in UltraEdit v2022.2


  • You can now utilize footnote syntax and checkboxes in markdown fields and live preview.
  • FTP/FTPS/SFTP have been updated to the latest protocols and technologies.
  • CSS syntax highlighting and support have been updated thanks to a new wordfile. Confidently use the latest browser specific keywords and properties. Syntax highlighting for classes and attribute identifiers has also been refreshed.
  • Select and launch URLs straight from the editor via Ctrl + Shift + Click.
  • Improved file tab...

Released: Dec 30, 2022

Updates in UltraFTP v2022.0


  • ESC now aborts transfers in progress.
  • File/folder deletion now sends items to Microsoft Windows Recycle Bin.
  • Remaining files counter has been added when transferring files.
  • Added the option to make password visible when setting up an account.
  • Improved stability and processing during folder sync.
  • FTPS and SFTP encryption protocol updates and improvements, including adding support for TLS 1.3.
  • Expanded PPK key version support.
  • Browser pane widths and column header widths are now...

Released: Dec 15, 2022

Updates in UltraEdit for Mac v2022.0 (2022.0.0.12)


  • Added the ability to save state for modified files:
    • You can now close UltraEdit without being prompted to save anything, then pick up where you left off – unsaved changes are restored.
    • Works for local, network, and unsaved "Edit" files.
    • Note: Save state for FTP files isn't supported in this release.
  • Updated HTML Tidy:
    • Updated HTML Tidy library to latest version.
    • Added new HTML Tidy UI with dozens of additional options.
  • Added the ability to open URLs in file with Cmd Shift Click.
  • Added...

Released: Dec 15, 2022

Updates in UltraCompare for Mac v2022.1


  • Binary mode improvements:
    • Added Hex offset support:
      • Set hex offsets per frame to compare or ignore different areas of binary data.
      • Right-click on any byte to set beginning and ending offsets per-pane.
      • Added new session properties for offsets.
    • Added Goto hex address.
    • You can now compare by byte offset.
  • Folder compare improvements:
    • You can now sort folder lists by file type / extension.
    • You can now sort indicators for column headings.
  • You can now ignore spaces and tabs separately in text...

Released: Aug 3, 2022

Updates in UltraEdit v2022.1


  • Added an interactive login for SFTP (2FA support):
    • You can now connect to servers that require two-factor authentication (2FA) or time-based one-time passwords (TOTP).
    • Added new "Interactive login" account option (Advanced tab).
    • Added a single persistent connection which is used for 2FA accounts to prevent multiple 2FA prompts.
    • The connection stays alive during file editing to avoid further 2FA prompts.
  • Improved Google Chrome (Edgium) rendering for browser view / live preview:
    • Upgraded...

Released: Jun 24, 2022

Updates in UltraEdit for Linux v21.00.0.0


  • Added support for multi-instances (multiple UltraEdit windows):
    • You can activate it via File > New Window.
    • Instances will remember and reload files.
  • Added support for Git integration:
    • Added support for automated detection of Git on first run, with import of existing Git settings.
    • Git status icon now overlays for repos in Places and Project tabs in File View.
  • Added support for Git contextual actions (Places / Project tab):
    • You can now right-click on a repository folder to add new...

Released: May 24, 2022

Updates in UltraCompare v2022.20


  • Binary compare improvements:
    • Added Hex offset support:
      • You can set hex offsets per frame to compare or ignore different areas of binary data.
      • You can right-click on any byte to set beginning and ending offsets per-pane.
      • Added new session properties for offsets.
    • Added the ability to configure the number of bytes per line.
  • Folder compare improvements:
    • Added the ability to sort folder lists by file type/extension.
    • Added the ability to sort indicators for column headings.
  • Text compare...